Tracyn'ad Vendet was born 29 years ago on Concord Dawn, in mandalorian space. His family fled the massive civil war taking place between Deathwatch and the True Mandalorians. He grew up as a beskar miner before being recruited by the Death Watch. He currently resides on his ship, 'The Pariah', a gauntlet class vessel that has been rigged to fit a gunship role. Currently using the cover name: Atin Ekur'tal Vendet.


Early DaysEdit

Born to a prostitute on Concord Dawn, Tracyn'ad's life was mostly kept secret from his fellow clan mates- and viewed as a massive mistake by the father, who could not accept responsibility. When the vendet civil war erupted, his mother and he fled to Concordia, where he took up mining beskar for the majority of his young life.


Indoctrinated from a young age, the man fell in love with Mand'alor's violent past, and felt that only through conflict could the culture expand. He participated in numerous engagements,from taking ships to the assassinations of public officials, looting and pillaging as he pleased. He was brought under Reeza Ordo's leadership, in a splinter faction, from the death of one of his own. Dha'kar'ta, a man who he greatly respected, parished on Ordo, with Reeza taking the position of Shadow Mand'alor. GAR ships patroling Ordo in a non agression pact were shot down, and the group began to make attempts to push the clones from Mandalorian space.

Sack of OnderonEdit

Jorval Kad Ordo, immedately regretting his decision, fled the planet Ordo with as many of his Kin as possible. The Ships were siezed by Deathwatch, realizing they had no chance of holding the planet once the population realized he had left. It is with these ships that they engaged GAR Forces over Onderon, detonating the space station, and invading the planet. They managed to sack the temple, and wipe out ground forces- with a clear shot to the queen. However, they were repulsed when GAR forces landed from Orbit, and had to retreat to the Bunker on Endor. Frequently, they took hostages, and would attempt to interrogate them to find out information on the queen, viewing her responsible for the death and actions of the late A'denla Kad Soccarras.

Falling out and InprisonmentEdit

So much time together eventually led to the marriage of Reeza Ordo and Tracyn'ad Vendet. However, with the return of the actual Shadow Mand'alor, known as Niall Lone- all assets were dumped and eliminated, seeing Nialls faction as nothing more than thugs and murderers. Reeza's faction, devestated by the Onderon war, likewise lacked the ability to man the ships they had taken, and so all ships were subsequently scuttled. Both fled the planet. He lost his arm and had his eye removed while performing unsanctioned killings of Sith on Coruscant, when pirates were hired to capture him. In retaliation, he bombed their bar, injuring nine people. He was arrested soon after and sentenced to life in prison.

Release and Current StatusEdit

Tracyn'ad was released following the bribing of a corrupt republic official, as well as the promise to follow the current Mand'alor and the True Mandalorian Ways. Upon release, he changed his name, and has been acting in accordance with those beliefs. While an investigation was made into his background, the bombing of Coruscant and subsequent takeover by Sith made the aquisition of republic records sketchy at best. His true motive and allignment is yet unknown.


Tracyn'ad is known for extreme cruelty under a disguise of kindness. While he smiles and shakes hands, the other might well hold a dagger. His hatred of force users is paramount to his whole being, and he views them with exrteme disdain, blaming them for most of the problems in the galaxy. Tracyn'ad believes that if not for the Mandalorian excision, the civil war on concord dawn may never have happened. Jedi and Sith are things to be hunted and killed with impunity, with the rest of the galaxy fit for nothing but slaves and potential recruits. He is cocky, and this can sometimes lead to major mistakes concerning his fights, if such a thing was not evident with his numerous scars and cybernetics. He currently is keeping his atitude under control, working for the mand'alor.

Gear and EquipmentEdit


  • Beskar'gam


  • Flamethrower
  • Westar M-5 (Modified) with an assault stock, foregrip, and bayonet. Said optics can plug into his helmet.
  • Wrist Repeater
  • JT-12 jetpack with com upgrade
  • Duel DC-17 Pistols
  • Vendet Ceremonial Sword, from the deceased Dha'kar'ta Vendet

(Work in Progress)Edit