Travail, formerly known as Cammie Ansar, is a 26 year old human female and a Sith Lord of the Order of Rowe. She adopted the name Travail, which means suffering, do to her hard life as a child after witnessing the death of her parents. Travail is a loyal follower of Darth Rowe and executes her orders without question or hesitation. Travail is a master strategist and utilizes principles of Sokan in her chosen saber style, Juyo. She also has a deep fascination with the genetic aspect of Sith Alchemy, while she is still learning the art, has already demonstrated exceptional skill in its practice. She currently wield a double-bladed saber known as Onata's Malice.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Childhood Edit

Little is known about Travail's past and it is something she does not wish to dwell upon, due to the sorrow it brings her. She was born to a poor homeless family in the Undercity of Coruscant and given the name Cammie Ansar. As her family was scouring for food one day, a bounty hunter approached them and murdered Cammie's parents in cold blood, but left her unharmd. Whether it was out of malice or for the joy of killing, she will never known, but the event effected Cammie psychologically, and she began to hate and dispise soceity as a whole for taking away the only thing she cherished. She was then approached by a strange old woman, known as Kaldoras. Kaldoras who had witnessed the incident took young Cammie by the hand and led her back to her home in the Undercity.

Little did Cammie know, Kaldoras was an exiled Sith Lord who saw much potential in the young girl. She began to harness instruct Cammie on controlling and focusing her negative emotions into her actions to cope with the pain of loss she felt in her heart. As her training progressed she began to develop her force sensitive abilities used them to steal things to survive. As Cammie grew into her teens, she began using her powers to rob wealthy Coruscant citizens of their possessions, and would sell them on the black market. Kaldoras also practiced sith alchemy and passed on her knowledge of this dark magic to Cammie as well. Cammie became fascinated with it almost immediately and many suspect that she intends to use it to either find a way to resurrect her parents from the dead, or cheat death itself.

The Order of Rowe Edit

By the age of 19, Cammie's force abilities had matured to an impressive state for one who had had no formal training. As she returned home one day from yet another theft, she was shocked to find Kaldoras's home a pile of smoldering ruins and ash. After searching the ruins she found the corpse of her master, who had died after her concentration began to waver during a Sith Alchemy ritual. Feeling that it was time to move on, Cammie took her master's Sith Amulet and what was left of her things before she snuck aboard a transport ship bound to an unknown destination.

Cammie stepped off the transport and became lost in the small desert town of New Olmondo on the planet Ruusan. No one, not even the jedi, seemed to notice her presence. To them she ws just another face in the crowd. Suddenly she turned hearing a voice behind her to see imfamous Sith Lord Darth Rowe eyeing her curiously. She had heard many story's about Darth Rowe and her crusade to purify the Sith bloodline. Impressed with Cammie's "respect" Darth Rowe invited Cammie to join her in her endeavor and when asked what her name was as Cammie rose to her feet and replied "My name is Travail, because where I go, suffering follows."

Acolyte to Darth Rowe Edit

Travail executing a traitor

Lady Travail executing the Traitor Thor

Travail quickly began to make her name for herself around Ruusan. She broke into the Ruusan Museum of Art and stole the small Kaiburr crystal shard. Unfortunately for her the Jedi were able to thwart her plan of using the crystal shard to amplify the power of the force nexus, which would have given her increased force abilities. Travail also assisted in the kidnapping and torture of Sir Don Gaton and his wife Kris Gaton as well as the adductions of other Jedi.

As arrest warrants began to pile up, her presence on the planet decreased slightly, until she revealed herself in the arena by tempting Master Undala Oceanlane's Padawan Fara. The entire NOJ order rushed and tackled her before she could draw her sabers. Laughing hysterically as they led her away, mainly due to the fact it took an entire order to arrest an Acolyte, she was imprisoned in a small cell for about an hour, before she tricked one of the Jedi Knights into opening the cell and escaped.

On another occasion, Travail learned that one of her fellow acolytes had betrayed their order by setting free a captured Jedi Knight. Travail confronted him in the hanger on Vjun, where the two fought. The traitor, named Thor, was no match for Travail's uncontrolled rage and was defeated when Travail sliced his left arm off with her saber. Consumed by her hatred, anger, and rage, Travail dragged Thor to the dungeon and promptly kicked him into the Sarlaac pit there. That experience had other effects on Travail as well. By giving into her rage, it awakened a deep hatred within her and she gave into the darkside more, causing her appearance to change and become more corrupt.

Travail returned to Ruusan and disguised herself as a civilian in hopes of getting closer to padawan Fara again. Her plan worked and she was able to trick the young padawan into falling in love with her. By manipulating his feelings, Travail tricked the young padawan into critically wounding his master. She also had him kidnap Kimmie Aeon and take her to Korriban. Unfortunately for her, Lady Kimmie was able to escape the trap and bring Padawan Fara back to Ruusan.

Recently Travail has once again begun experimenting with Sith Alchemy, concentrating specifically on how it affects genetics and mutation. She appeared again and attempted to kidnap Master Lou Lemieux from Ruusan's hospital, but was thwarted by Master Lou's Padawan Saku and Master Azlum Grimlock. Weeks later she resurfaced, disguised as a woman named Rachel and attempted to lure Padawan Norin Quan to the darkside. Norin, who was strong in his jed beliefs, did not fall to her seductive ways as Fara did,and in anger Travail poisoned Norin's master Owyn Graves. Travail fled to Vjun where she was followed and defeated by Norin who took an antidote for the poison she had made from her. Feeling her hate build inside, Travail cursed him and vowed revenge against the Padawan before disappearing into the darkness.

A few days later, Darth Rowe returned to the galaxy after a long absence and summoned Travail to Ruusan. Travail found her master calmly standing in the open speaking with a few frightened padawans. As she approached, Darth Rowe asked Travail to kneel, and ignited her saber. Travail closed her eyes, expecting to lose her head from her failure on Vjun the previous day and for blowing her cover so soon. Instead Darth Rowe was pleased with her loyalty to her and the Order of Rowe, and dubbed her Lady Travail Sith Lord of the Order of Rowe. As she rose to her feet and looked around at the few Jedi who stood watching a malicious smile appeared upon her face as she began thinking of a way to execute a horrible revenge.

Sith Lord Lady Travail Edit


Travail on Byss

Lady Travail began to receive more private instruction upon her promotion Darth Rowe's Shadowhand Darth Aran. Darth Aran was impressed with Travail's thirst for the power of the Darkside but was also worried she might be overwhelmed by it. He began to work closely with Travail, teaching her more of the vast history and the power of the Sith. Travail in turn, supports Darth Aran with his missions and tasks for the Order and besides Darth Rowe is the only other person she respects.

She disappeared for quite sometime and many people forgot her name, until she resurfaced once again on Ruusan. After stealing large collection of planet maps from the Jedi archives, Travail escaped from an arrest party of four Jedi and proceeded to the Sith world of Korriban. There inside a tomb she found the Scepter of Ragnos, thought to have been destroyed long ago. The next day she appeared again on Ruusan and with the power of the scepter, drained the temple of its force energy while the Order of Rowe defeated a large group of Jedi trying to stop them. After doing the same thing to various places across the galaxy, Travail was soon apprehended before she could finish her task by Jedi Knight Saltheena Starchaser on Tantooine. She was severely wounded in the fight that brought about her capture and much of her right knee had to be replaced with cybernetics to save it from amputation. Her prison cell did not keep her for long. After receiving her daily meals a careless guard forgot to lock her door and acted out an ingeneous escape from Ruusan's prison and fled to Korriban.

Disappearance From the Galaxy Edit

Travail chose to disappear when another more powerful sith rose to power and seized Rowe's throne in her absense. With this, Travail fled to the remote and relatively uninhabited world of Felucia where she has begun to further her skills in Sith Alchemy and her knowledge of the Darkside. There she waits, for when the moment is right for her to return. When that time will be is anyone's guess.

Personality and Traits Edit

Travail's personality was shaped by witnessing the death of her parents and being homeless since the day she was born. Over the years she learned to cope with the loss of her parents by directing her anger, hate, and rage at people she does not like. Travail believes love is a weak emotion that weakens those who trust in it. She has a considerable amount of control over her emotions however and has learned to embrace them so that she can direct them at others at her whim. One of her flaws is that she can become overconfident and arrogant especially when a plan of hers is coming together, which allows her adversaries to turn the tables on an otherwise flawless plan at times.

Travail is a sublte villian. Instead of fighting her enemies and beating them to a pulp, she prefers to toy with them, watching them tear themselves up from the inside, before she moves in for the kill. She is a seductress and loves to play on the emotions, fears and inner desires of her foes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Due to her background as a theif Travail is a master of stealth and often times people can not detect her and specializes in reconnaisance and assassination missions. She also possesses piloting skills.

Lightsaber Training Edit

Travail's chosen lightsaber form is a corrupt form of juyo in which she channels her negative feelings into her blade and directs them at her opponent. In the past she used a Jar Kai style but abandoned it when she found her double-bladed saber. Travail also utilizes principles of Sokan in her fighting style and to her, anything in the playing field becomes a weapon, from furniture, to the sand on the ground.

Force Abilities Edit

Travail has been seen using force skills such as push, pull, speed and choke. She uses lightning when opponents can be caught off guard, or if they are standing on wet surfaces. She has also been seen using a darkside drain attack that can leave her opponents weakened and drained of some of their energy. In times of desperation she also uses a deafening force scream.

The ancient art of Sith Alchemy is a fascinating concept to Lady Travail. She concentrates purely on the genetic aspect of it using it to manipulate and twist life. So far the only breakthrough she has in the science is a fusion between two parasitic organisms which feed of the negative emotions an individual emites. Do to the bond they form with the host she calls them symbiotes.

Equipment Edit

Apparel Edit

Travail wears a black assassin's outfit with a blood red inlay for the side cape and coat. On her right wrist she has a hideous spiked boney prong. This prong is coated in scorpion venom, and while it can not kill, it causes exteme pain, nausea and blurred vision if it enters the bloodstream. Due to being stung so many times by the scorpions she extracted the venom from, Travail built up an immunity to the venom. Travail also wears another solid black trenchcoat with the symbol of the Sith Empire on the back and shoulders in red.

She has several sith tattoos on her body as well. Her forehead bares Anzati markings similar to her Queen, Darth Rowe. To show her loyalty to the order, Travail also had a scorpion tattoo pined to her chest abover her left breast. Much of it is hidden do to her clothing.

Lightsabers Edit

Soonis Edit

Travail's first sabers were a pair of two small dueling sabers known as Soonis. Both of these sabers contrained red synth crystals. Soonis was confiscated by the NOJ upon Travail's first arrest and was never returned to her.

Onata's Malice Edit

No one knows where Travail found this saber, but she claims she did not make it. The double bladed saber is solid black with red makrings along the hilt. The saber also contains a very large red crystal which is visibly seen through the hilt.

Starships Edit

Travail pilots a modified Tie Interceptor Class fighter that is equipped with advanced sheilding and a hyperdrive engine. While it flys slower than other ships of its class, it is still a force to be reasoned with in the sky.

Accomplishments Edit

- Sith Lord of the Order of Rowe

- Apprentice of Darth Rowe and Darth Aran

Quotes Edit

"My name is Travail, and where I go, suffering follows."

— Lady Travail


— Lady Travail's last words to Thor as she kicked him into the Sarlaac

"Love is a petty emotion. It is beneath me. If one shows the least bit of compassion towards a being they are weak and unfit for this galaxy."

— Lady Travail concerning love