Biography Edit


Turis grew up in a small village out in the Dune Sea of Tatooine. Both of his parents were killed in a fatal landspeeder accident when they drove through a bandit camp unknowingly. Turis was present in the speeder at the time, but managed to survive by burying himself in sand for almost a day. After the bandits had gone to sleep, Turis got up and walked over five hundred miles to Mos Espa.

Upon reaching Mos Espa he was taken in by a small girl and her Mother. They raised him as there own son for years. When Turis turned fourteen the girls Mother struck a wrong deal with the Hutts and her house was burnt down with her inside of it. After this the emotional distraught girl, Akana, went with Turis in an attempt to find some amount of shelter for themselves. They built themselves a small shack just outside of a garage, taking small piles of scrap metal from various garbage piles.

Notable EventsEdit

-Brawled a Nexu with only with his body.

-Blew up a Sith Temple.

-Stole a Jedi Cruiser

-Opened an Asteroid Cantina Base. (later destroyed)

-Experimented upon.