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Tyan Auk was born on the planet Adrola, in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. He was born to the Lykatsume tribe, his Father, Colte Auk, the son of Lykatsume Councilor Paahkor Auk and his wife Saralie Kurana. Tyan's mother, Niralti Theas, born to the Serpaqor tribe, was married to Colte Auk through a political marriage, issued by the Tri-Core. This was due to Niralti's father, Serpaqor Councilor Kuryn Hokal, her mother's name was Whinn Theas. As with all political marriages under the Tri-Core, the birth of Tyan was considered the fulfillment of a peace treaty between the two tribes, as was the remainder of Niralti's and Colte's marriage.

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Even under these circumstances, Tyan's childhood was that of any other child. He recieved no special treatment, beyond the visits of his Councilor grandparents. He went to the same five year Lykatsume school and the same five year Adrolan school as his peers. His father had plans for him to attend additional education on Cersol, to become eligible for Council position if he choose to pursue it. However when Tyan reached the age of fourteen, an event occurred, altering the direction of his future.

While out in a hunting party, in the Adrola darklands ((areas recieving little to no sunlight)) Niralti Theas discovered the wreckage of a ship, and a woman, injured and near death, in the cockpit. Out of concern, Niralti took her to a cave, near the outer rim of the forest, and proceeded daily to nurse the woman back to health. As she slowly re-gained consciousness, the woman began to tell Niralti of the galaxy beyond Adrola, the battles, the Jedi and the Sith. The stories of battles and the thought that the woman managed to make her way to Adrola, worried Niralti, she began taking special precautions to return home, as to not be followed, Taking on a Gonthian form and flying back to the Lykatsume tribe. One night however, having lied to Niralti on prior visits about how she felt, managed to track Niralti's flight path home. She waited for darkness to fall and, knowing which house was the Auk/Theas home, broke in. Making her way to the main bedroom, she, using the force, dragged Niralti to her feet at knifepoint and instructed Colte to gather supplies and pack a ship, Hearing the comotion, fourteen year old Tyan walked downstairs to the ((whatever you would call a garage for a small inter stellar craft >.<)) and found the three of them. His Father was packing supplies in the family's ship and some strange woman in black clothing was holding his mother, a knife to her neck. After Niralti shouted for Tyan to stay put, the woman, a Sith who had crash landed on Adrola, slashed the knife across Niralti's throat. Colte immediately lunged off the ship, transforming into lykatsume form in mid air, and crushed the woman's skull between his own weight and the rock wall of the house.

It was these events that drove Tyan to leave the planet two years later. His search to become a Jedi, and learn Jedi teachings, are in hopes that he will return to Adrola one day and be able to protect his home planet. A year after the death of his mother, Tyan's Father was re-married, through another political marriage to the daughter of the Canowl Councilor Rija Avro, husband Katoro Tirrall. Their daughter, Shantessa Avro, was married to Colte at the age of twenty four, only nine years older than Tyan. She and Colte had a daughter a year later, the same year Tyan left in search of training to become a Jedi, at the age of sixteen.

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Tyan left Adrola in a ship he bought from his Serpaqor uncle, Niralti's younger brother Felan Hokal. He traveled for some time, wandering through space toward the outer rim of the galaxy. He first came across the planet Naboo, where he stocked up on supplies and refueled his ship. While there, he came across some kind locals, who suggested his travels should take him next to Mos Eisley on Tatooine. After a few days on Naboo, he decided to take the advice. on Mos Eisley, he inquired about their jedi order, even submitting an application. After a while of hearing nothing from the order, he decided to travel some more. Finally he came across Massai (unsure of acuracy of planetary information), where he was welcomed into the Galactic Jedi Order (GJO). He fought alongside the GJO in many battles, as an initiate to the order. In one battle, Tyan fought alongside his friend, Cameo Capalini, resulting in the... losing his left eye to blaster fire. After a long run, the GJO dispanded, scattering it's members around the galaxy. After a short visit home to Adrola, Tyan traveled to Yavin IV, where he spent some time assisting the NOJ. He remained independant but stayed with his new found companions through two rejime changes, until one day recieving a message from an old friend from the GJO, Cameo Capalini. Master Cameo had apparently formed his own jedi order, the Order of New Hope (ONH)on Ord Mantell. It was here he became a padawan under Scara Wilkenson. Lady Scara trained Tyan until he was knighted as a Guardian. He met Genesis Barthemless here who fitted him with a good cybernetic eye, to replace his older model which he recieved after the loss of his left eye. After a while, the temple was destroyed by a syndicate run by Wampa the Hutt. Cameo Capalini fell into corruption and shortly after the ONH imploded on itself.

Disheartened, the members of the ONH also dispursed amongst the galaxy. Tyan made his way to Coruscant, where he met the Praxeum order. They accepted his application, allowing him to retain his rank, thus becomming a Guardian Jedi amongst the Praxeum. It was a while after this that Tyan was called home by his father due to some political unrest. It was after things calmed down that Colte Auk, Tyan's Father, asked Tyan to take his little sister Mira back with him to the Praxeum. Here they stayed at the Praxeum Temple in Coruscant until Mira was called home. Before she returned the Praxeum Temple had fallen, driving the Praxeum order to a base called the Vornskr, orbiting the planet Myrkr. Currently, the Praxeum are located on an even larger base above the planet Meglos, as the Vornskr had either been taken over or destroyed.

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