"Let me see if I understand the plan exactly. We're going to steal a Sith artifact from Korriban, and might I add, an artifact that can corrupt any Force User into an agent of the dark side, and we're going to bring it back to the Jedi Temple and crowd around it. Now... which part of this plan is supposed to make sense?" - Tyrav WhiteWing

Tyrav WhiteWIngEdit

Tyrav is a White Amaran from Naboo. He was originally a red Amaran, much like the other Amarans in the Galaxy, but due to a strong amount of stress he was made to endure in his left, the pigment in his fur color changed and he started to look more like a ghost than anything else. However, despite all the stresses that Tyrav went through in his life, he maintained a calm, caring attitude and decided to seek out the Jedi for training upon leaving Naboo.

When he found the Jedi of Ruusan, he immediately sought to join their ranks. He was accepted and made into a Padawan, but due to a series of mistakes and problems, Tyrav fled the Jedi Order and hid in solitude on Endor, where he befriended the Ewoks and lived there for some months.

Upon coming back out of solitude, having given time to gather his thoughts, Tyrav pleaded to the Jedi Council to allow him to return. He was accepted and placed under watch of Master Zack Vel (Zack Lockjaw). It was, during this time, that Tyrav finally managed to complete his training and become a Jedi Knight. However, not two weeks after being Knighted, Tyrav left the Jedi Order again and sought out a group that didn't keep to themselves as much. He joined the Order of the Jedi Covenant, but he immediately left again because of the prejudice against the Amarans on Coruscant. Some months later, he was seen in a Holonet message, slaughtering a Sith, proclaiming that the Shadow Jedi have returned.

Tyrav was most recently seen on Ruusan, speaking to the Jedi and even going as far as appealing to the Council, one last time, to see if he could rejoin the Jedi Order of Ruusan, the New Order of the Jedi. He waits, now, patiently, for a response towards his appeal. He tries not to worry about the response he might receive, as he knows worrying leads to fear, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which are traits of the dark side. He keeps his chin up and waits.



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The ReturnEdit

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One Last WishEdit

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Personality and TraitsEdit

Tyrav is a very cynical character. An example would be a recent attack on Ruusan, where Tyrav arrived too late, as the battle had already started. Not wishing to endanger himself, in an effort to help those around him, he sat in a quiet area and waited for the Sith to finish attacking. While he waited, he munched on some rations and complained that this was the worst movie he has ever seen.

Aside from being cynical, he's very kind, caring, and mature. Over time, he has learned how to heal people as well. However, as he has an allergy to Bacta, he has learned to use more conventional ways of healing besides bacta and force heal. He carries with him a medical kit which has stitches, a numbing agent, bandages, adrenaline shots, etc. He is not afraid to shove a Jedi Healer out of the way if he feels the situation can be handled more efficiently.

Tyrav knows what needs to be done and is not afraid to take action. However, he has given up on the Jedi Sentinel path and seeks to become a Consular and, eventually, become a Jedi Instructor, where he will teach the Jedi around him, rather than endanger himself on missions. He feels his saber skills and written knowledge can be a major asset to any Jedi Order.

OOC InformationEdit

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