Tzila Chashmona was born around 300 ABY, birth place unknown but she was raise on Tatooine. Discovering that she was force sensitive, she went to Yavin IV to be train as Jedi. While in the wilderness of Yavin IV, she stumble on to a old tomb. The dark present talk to her there. There she learned what it means to be Sith. She continue to go to the tomb to learn more...

Biography Edit

Tzila Chashmon was born around 300 ABY. Her birthplace is unknown but she was raise on Anchorhead Tatooine.It was at her birth that her grandfather Alexandra Chashmona gave her the name Tzila. For he said, "that he only saw gloom in this child's future. At young age, in vision she seen her self rise to power. She want to do great things and disprove what her Grandfather spoke onto her future. When she discovered that she was force sensitive, She travel to Yavin IV to join the Jedi Academy there. Arriving on Yavin IV, a voice called to her in the force. The voice she sense was coming from the wilderness. She follow what she sense and arriving at an old Sith ruin in the wilderness of Yavin IV. It was there where she sees the present of a dark Sith spirit who shows her the vision of her rising to great power. The spirit told her that he could help this vision come to past and help her disprove what her Grandfather spoke about her future. Tempted by the spirit, she would leave the Jedi Academy and learn from the teaching of the dark spirit every day.

She was lead to Lehon Rakata Prime. There she met Darth Businka Koskinen. She believe the force had let her to Darth Businka. She had learned all she could from the dark voice from the tomb on Yavin IV.

Tzilla was given quest by her master

You may go to dojo and taking down training log faster as you can.

My second quest has two parts. First, I was to travel to Ossus and the search in the archive and to find out what Thyro or minion are then search and learned about the Sith code. After award request a fight training in do on some planet that was sparring.

Tzila Chashmona hoped on the first shuttle to Ossus. There she walked around to find Ossus archive. When she couldn't find where she was she took the taxi to the archives. She entered into the archives and went searching for Thyro or Minion and the Sith code.

The first thing she found in the archives was the Sith codes.

After years of training with her master she was now made Sith Warrior. she went to tattoo where she found Dolor who she felt was strong and force and decide to train her as her new minion.

She takes her new found minion to Artus prime where she went to find parts for her saber.

after digging out the crystal on Artus prime they travel to Yavin IV A Jedi Academy. There here minion would build her saber. The she would show her padawan the darkest presents on yavin IV.

after a few years, she gets her first job as a assassin she was paid by Xaraec to kill Downz. She disguised herself as ship mechanic on Yavin. Learning that Downz will be stopping there and she place a bomb on his ship. she waited at distance for him to return and set the detonation and it went off.

Over the years she learn that the Sith in power now were weak, so she form a new sith order but doesn't break ties with her old order feeling that it would be use for. she takes on the name Dark Lord Aengus but still going by Tzila Chashmona by her old order. Not knowing what happen to her old minion she take on a new apprentice Mystique. Then later came Tajeeki and sidus.

Guide by the dark side of the Force she was lead to Yavin IV where she she meet a Jedi of Kalway that was in her vision. she new it was her destiny to killed the Jedi known as Kaida Dominia. The Jedi fought well but in the end she was slew by the Dark Lord Aengus.

Mystique is later killed by Raven a jedi part of the Kalway order of Jedi. She seek revenge for the death of Mystique and so she send Sidus to kill Raven. she plot the down fall of the empire as well as the Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR). She take on new Sith who she believe who be ally to her cause

Lord Exsternus but he turn on her given himself up to the jedi and reveal to the jedi all her secrets so Dark Lord Aengus decide to wait until Lord Esternus feels that he safe and then she will kill him for being traitor. she push off her mission for now to to destroy the empire and the GFFR and decide to build up her order by going into slave trade on Nar Shadaa. She form a company on Nar Shadaa she calls it the Trident