Ueroma Alox is a 37-year-old Korun / Echani female who was formerly a Jedi Librarian in the Serenity Jedi Enclave and the former apprentice of Darth Dreddas in the Sith Empire Enforcers. She has since been redeemed by Endimi Darein, and now peacefully serves as a Student Counselor at the Yaga Minor Political Science Academy after having passed several qualification tests.

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Early LifeEdit

Childhood as a YounglingEdit

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"We don't care whether you train her to be a Jedi or not. Just please… look after our little girl, and may the Force be with us all."

-A note on the cradle in which an infant Ueroma Alox once slept

Both of Ueroma's parents sent her as a baby to the Serenity Jedi Enclave in 205 ABY, while they both fought in a civil war that was about to cover her original home planet of Telos IV. It had been a period when the Serenity Jedi Enclave had previously occupied Falang Minor before their mysterious disappearance, and the arrival of the Wandering Jedi in their absence.

As a child, Ueroma Alox had since been a youngling in the Serenity Jedi Enclave. Her parents were later killed in a decisive space battle of the civil war on Telos IV, so she would eventually spend a great number of years training as a Padawan under Jedi Master Laacun Fon-Ahn when news of the outcome had reached Falang Minor and she had nowhere else to go.

Despite the enclave being on several islands, Initiates and Younglings of the SJE were not allowed off-world or even outside set boundaries, for many Jedi had been disappearing due to possible Sith activity and the council considered it dangerous to be out unless on a mission given by them.

Because of this, Ueroma would pass much of her free time apart from her training by reading the Jedi Archives within the SJE temple. Studying them became her hobby, and she had began to learn much about the Force, its nature, and various other subjects related to it.

Padawan Training under Laacun Fon-AhnEdit

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"Master, why must the Sith be destroyed? Can we not find a way to make peace with them, while still remaining true to our own beliefs?"

"Because the Sith will never seek peace with us, my Padawan. I agree that we should bring about peace whenever possible, but when the Sith strike out, we must defend ourselves. We must put an end to the Sith's threats not because of our differences or to bring about war, but because we must if we are to bring about peace in such situations. Even then, it is always better for us to hide rather than bring about conflict… thus, why we are enjoying peace on these islands."

-Padawan Ueroma Alox and Master Laacun Fon-Ahn, having a discussion early in her training.

During her training, she learned much of Jedi Masters who were strong in the Force, yet still succumbed to the Dark Side and became Sith who had brought great harm to themselves. She had gained much of this knowledge from the archives, where select entries were created on these ex-Masters to prevent others from making their mistakes.

Despite having gained much knowledge from the archives, she still couldn't understand why the Jedi and Sith continued to war against each other, or why so many members would go off-world and disappear when the Sith seemed to be preoccupied on other planets with other Jedi and non-Jedi at the time.

Her chosen path upon reaching Padawan III had been that of a Jedi Consular, and this decision was in part because of her desire to learn the truth about the Galaxy.

Life as a Jedi KnightEdit

The Librarian of SJEEdit

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Ueroma Alox

Ueroma Alox, Jedi Librarian of SJE

"If I am to be knighted on this day, I wish to take up a specific duty that the Serenity Jedi Order has been in dire need of, as part of the path I have chosen to further our understanding of the Force."

"Step forward, Padawan. Ueroma Alox, by the right of this council, and by the Will of the Force, I dub thee Jedi Knight of our Enclave... and Librarian of our archives."

-Ueroma Alox and Laacun Fon-Ahn, as the council of SJE knights her and bestows Ueroma the duty of a Jedi Librarian.

Ueroma continued to read the archives whenever she had free time on the planet, because studying had become one of her hobbies. At the age of seventeen, she had become one of the youngest Jedi Knights in the Order, and was also granted the duties of a Jedi Librarian.

The SJE's council had already been planning to grant her the latter duties because of a lack in librarians that had been caused by strange disappearances of Jedi Knights, and even Masters, that had formerly kept the archives only maintained in their spare time. A dedicated librarian and caretaker would allow the council to spend more of their resources on investigating the matter, and for this they were grateful.

Being Assigned a PadawanEdit


Endimi Darein, her Padawan in the SJE

Two months afterward, Ueroma Alox had been assigned by the council a Padawan named Endimi Darein, who was a year younger than she was. Ueroma was very strict with him in their lessons, much to the dismay of the latter, and the two had a very rocky start at first. The reason she had started out this way had been because her duties as a librarian gave her little time to train her new padawan, and sometimes she would be annoyed with having to train him when he had occasional moments of not paying attention or acting aloof.

Ueroma and Endimi's Time TogetherEdit

Nevertheless, they would often study together, and were almost always within close range while both were on Falang Minor. Ueroma and Endimi went on to create a Force Bond, and it would be one that was not easily broken. Despite the fact that Ueroma had been his master, she would be required to stay at the Archives whenever he had gone on missions. However, the Force Bond they had shared would benefit both of them as he ventured off to investigate disappearances of Jedi from the SJE.

Their training would most often occur on Falang Minor when together, or through their Force Bond when separated. In the rare moments when both had spare time on the planet, with no immediate duties for each of them and breaks to be taken from training, Endimi had the idea for both of them to spend such times at the nearby Cantina drinking caf with blue milk.

A Love, Unusual and SecretEdit

"Endimi… I am about to say something to you that no master I know of, not even from all the archives I have read, has ever said to their Padawan."

"And what is that, my master?"

"That I truly, deeply… love you. And not just in the mentoring way…"

-Ueroma Alox, revealing her feelings to Endimi Darein weeks before she was captured

She began to soften her training of him as her Padawan. When he achieved Padawan III, he had chosen the path of the Jedi Sentinel, and would eventually become one of the most effective that the SJE ever had. Ueroma and Endimi soon began to have feelings for each other, and did not attempt to repress them; the two of them had become secret lovers.

Duel on Polis MassaEdit

((Polis Massa had been closed in 2008, so some SJE officers would go to a non-SWRP space sim under another group and had arranged for us to RP there))

One year later, Ueroma and Endimi were sent to Polis Massa, their mission being to investigate the disappearance of another Master in the SJE Order who was sent to the planetoid. Ueroma had been sent with Endimi because the master had been one of the council, and because it was known that both of them had shared a Force Bond, that they would have the best chances together. Upon arrival at a facility on the planetoid, they had found a rogue Sith by the name of Garas Yipakaia, who was searching for Sith Alchemy resources to bring to Korriban for another Dark Lord of the Sith. After Endimi rushed at the Sith ahead of his master and lost his arm, Ueroma told him to flee and bring their findings to the SJE while she held off Garas.

Learning from his mistake, her Padawan did so. Ueroma then Force-pushed the Sith and tried to run back, but he recovered and Force-choked Ueroma until she was incapacitated. She was brought unconscious by the rogue Sith to a cave on the surface of Rhelg, away from the Trayus Academy…

Visions Through a Force BondEdit

The Sith Threat Beginning to SurfaceEdit

"Soon, you will learn to LOVE IT… I mean the Dark Side, of course…"

-Garas Yipakaia, as he continues to torment Ueroma

Deep within a Sith laboratory on Rhelg's surface, Ueroma would be tortured and raped by Garas repeatedly until reaching her breaking point. Endimi had felt glimpses of what Ueroma had experienced from that point on through his Force Bond, and he would describe these events as a "living nightmare."

Despite this, he had remained in the light while she would soon enter darkness, if only because he did not witness the full amount of her horrors. Through this same weakening Force Bond, Ueroma could also see glimpses of the events Endimi would bear witness to, yet sometimes she had found these to be comforting compared to her captivity; a sign that she was breaking.

In the meantime, Endimi had to finish his training under Ueroma's former Master, but this was even more short-lived than his last apprenticeship. Laacun Fon-Ahn had been sent on a mission to Tatooine where he was to settle a dispute between two clans of Jawas. A detachment of Sith soldiers from the Sith Empire Enforcers had been seen coming to Falang Minor from out of orbit in the atmosphere, and Endimi was told by his master to stay and help defend Falang Minor while he had left for his mission.

Massacre on Tatooine by a Jawa Sith LordEdit

"I felt a disturbance in the Force… as if hundreds of voices screamed out 'UTINNI,' and were silenced…"

-Endimi, sensing a Jawa massacre on Tatooine

After fending off the Sith soldiers, Endimi had felt a disturbance in the Force. He left in an Eta-5 Interceptor for Tatooine, and headed to Mos Espa once he arrived on the surface. From several locals, Endimi had found two Sandcrawlers out on the dunes where the dispute was supposed to be settled, but he was too late…

He found Master Laacun Fon-Ahn's body with several lightsaber slashes. Around the area were particles of both metal and sand that had traces of the Dark Side of the Force within them. Aboard both sandcrawlers, the same ominous "dark-side sand" had been scattered around the interiors, and every Jawa aboard was either sliced in half or horribly disfigured. It was a massacre, and Endimi had been witness to the results. The only evidence there was of who might have done the act, were several small footprints of a single Jawa that had faded as they went further away from the body of Endimi's master...

Had the perpetrator of this massacre been acting under the Sith Empire Enforcers? Was it their own work? Or had it been someone else who sent them? Endimi determined that when he became a Jedi Knight, he would form a group that would seek out these answers, and many more… he would not let the SJE fall without a fight, and not without finding the truth.

Endimi's KnighthoodEdit

Ueroma's Padawan Endimi had now been without a master, but he was deemed ready for the Jedi Trials by the council. As it was expected of him, he had passed the trials and became a Jedi Knight, taking upon himself a leadership position among lesser Jedi that was now badly needed.

The Formation of S.P.A.H.Edit


-Endimi Darein, before his founding speech for the group that would be one of SJE's last hopes

The SJE was in its darkest hour; it had been in dire need of those who could, if the Force had willed it, stop the disappearances and turn the tide of the conflict that had by now been discovered to be caused by the Sith. He formed an intelligence and recon group of the SJE known as S.P.A.H., short for Sentinels Protecting Allies from Harming. The meaning of the word "Harming" in the acronym was double; one of the groups goals was to protect allies from imminent harm not only by others, but also from themselves.

Ueroma's Fall to the Dark SideEdit


Dark Side Ueroma

Ueroma after succumbing to the Dark Side

Finally, after nearly-constant suffering from her captivity, Ueroma had succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force. Garas was brought back into the Sith Empire Enforcers for proving that he was still loyal to their order, and eventually regained his former title of Darth Dreddas, while Ueroma had been forced into his apprenticeship. Eventually, she became jaded, hardened, and felt as if everyone in her life up to that point had abandoned her. This had caused a weakening of her Force Bond with Endimi, but she still wanted him at her side… AS A SITH.

More Knowledge to be GainedEdit

Within the Sith Empire Enforcers, Ueroma was still getting over all that had happened as she was put through brutal Sith trials by Darth Dreddas, many of which had little difference from his previous attempts at breaking her. She managed to cope with her current position by reading archives of Sith history within the Trayus Academy on Rhelg, and through knowing that Endimi could also feel what was happening. Studying still had a calming effect on her, something that did not change from her days as a Jedi; though because of her current and past pains, this effect was somewhat diminished.

The Dilemma of the Jedi and SithEdit

Ueroma learned from their archives of the many errors that had been committed by the Jedi, in stark contrast to some of the archives she had found in the SJE that had believed some of these errors were "justified," and from this she had learned: the Jedi and Sith had always been pitted against each other because of their opposing views of the Force, and it would always cause members of both sides to suffer and give into their conflicts with each other.

She would continue to read archives in her spare time, while continuing to gain knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force after having studied about its Light Side for so long. Ueroma felt as if there was something else she had not learned about the Force and how it relates to both Jedi and Sith… she felt that the only clue was out of her reach at the moment. Once Ueroma would find her chance to escape, she would seek to discover what that was…


Fall of Darth DreddasEdit

"That Sith Soldier's a S.P.A.H.!"

-Darth Dreddas, upon uncovering a Force-Cloaked member of a S.P.A.H. team sent by SJE.

One day, a covert team of S.P.A.H. operatives sent by SJE that included Endimi had broken into the Trayus Academy while disguising themselves as Sith Soldiers with Force Cloak, by altering the minds of those who guarded the grounds. Their mission was to either rescue Ueroma, or kill her if she had become a Sith and could not be redeemed. Their specific target was chosen because she contained a vast amount of knowledge that the SJE did not want to fall into Sith hands, including where all of the temples were located that SJE planned to escape to, and the location of the rest of their leadership that included Endimi. He felt through the now barely-holding Force Bond that the last bit of information had strangely not yet been revealed to the enemy by Ueroma, something that gave him hope that perhaps she not only could be redeemed, but that the enemy was indeed uninformed of the rest of that info.

Despite the S.P.A.H. group's masked presence on their infiltration, they were still discovered by Darth Dreddas, who then telepathically alerted the Sith within the Academy to their presence by proclaiming the arrival of S.P.A.H. Several members of the strike team came out of their Force Stealth and engaged Sith soldiers to give Endimi's team a chance to secure their objective, with their leader determined to redeem Ueroma and bring her back to Falang Minor. Many S.P.A.H.s died to grant the opportunity to bring down Darth Dreddas...

Darth Dreddas waited for the strike team, as did Ueroma on his orders. As the two Jedi with Endimi entered the room, Dreddas unleashed a powerful arc of Force Lightning that forked away from Endimi and killed his allies. Upon doing this, Darth Dreddas then ordered Ueroma to kill her former lover, and she hesitantly drew her lightsaber but could not swing at him.

The RematchEdit

Feeling through the Force that she still loved him, Endeemi pushed her back and immediately went for Darth Dreddas. Endimi's ability with the Force and lightsaber skills had grown substantially since his last duel with the Sith Lord, but the latter still had the upper hand. After both had been worn down, Endeemi briefly gave into the dark side with his hatred of Garas, and Ueroma had finally saw the chance to end her nightmare; against the two together, and with the remnant of their Force Bond strengthening both of them in close proximity, Darth Dreddas stood little chance. In an attempt to finish Darth Dreddas off, Ueroma had Force-choked him as he was stabbed multiple times through several vital organs by Endeemi's lightsaber.


Ueroma Mourning Endimi

Ueroma mourns Endimi's death

However, Darth Dreddas had still held on through the Dark Side of the Force, and directed one final blast of Force Lightning at Endeemi before his energies faded away. Ueroma was redeemed, and Endeemi lay dying, turning away from the Dark Side of the Force by deciding to let go of his hatred. His last words to Ueroma were… "Find the truth of the Force, and share the truth that it gifts you… Share it with others… as you did with me…" After speaking these words, he became one with the Force as Ueroma cried out in anguish.

Aftermath of the Skirmish on RhelgEdit

With Darth Dreddas's death, the Sith Empire Enforcers' efforts to take Falang Minor had been dealt a crushing blow. One week after Ueroma left, the Trayus Academy's order of Sith had arrived on the planet. All of the Sith Empire Enforcers troops on the planet's surface were without leadership, and the time had come to drive out what they viewed as "weak" or "false" Sith from their sacred grounds. The Sith Empire Enforcers had now been left with little option but to regroup in the far corners of the Galaxy.

Despite the apparent victory, the SJE had disbanded as S.P.A.H. was now without a leader, and Jedi had continued to disappear. Those Jedi who had remained scattered themselves among the Galaxy and went into hiding, so as to avoid detection by those who would seek them out to either harm or turn them to the Dark Side of the Force.

Ueroma's Own TruthEdit

Ueroma Reflecting

Thinking about her life while on Coruscant

Before she left Rhelg after her immediate mourning of Endimi, Ueroma had Force-Cloaked herself as she went into the archives of Trayus, and took every last record of herself and Endimi out of it to keep for her own. She then erased the copies, and eventually would do the same on Falang Minor. As she ventured onto the planet, she had found that the SJE had left it… had they gone in search of a new home, or had they vanished entirely?

Nevertheless, Ueroma took her time in removing from their archives anything that could be connected to her, in the same temple where she once worked as a Jedi Librarian. Ueroma had removed her Force-Cloak, but after removing it she had begun to feel more acutely what she had enjoyed about Falang Minor: the peaceful air of the planet, the breeze of the beaches, and… memories of her time with Endimi.

Ueroma had begun to feel the Force in this peaceful environment that she had loved so much, and wondered why the Jedi would even send their own off the planet to their deaths, or why the Sith would bother to ruin the tranquility of such a place… did they perhaps envy it?

She began to wonder why they continued to struggle against each other, and if the Force had something to do with it. Had the Force itself reacted negatively when one tried to exert their will over it, or to blindly follow its will? Was the result of conflict actually the result of tapping into opposing sides of the Force, and allowing their teachings to bend one's will to its own?

Ueroma had renounced herself as a Jedi and as a Sith. She had begun her search for her own truth, sometimes traveling to several areas of the Galaxy such as Coruscant or Yaga Minor. Ueroma had begun to search not for the truth in the Force… but for the truth in herself.

Years after Ueroma left the planet of Falang Minor, the Wandering Jedi had occupied the planet and took residence in the temple that had formerly been the home of the SJE.

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Ueroma's RealizationEdit

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After continuing to observe affairs of the Jedi and Sith, Ueroma had come to believe that there would be consequences as one tried to bend the Force to their will as the Sith had, or had blindly followed its will as the Jedi did.

Ueroma had also believed that from doing either of these, one would eventually have their entire will and spirit consumed by the Force while they were alive, not in a physical sense but in an ideological sense. They would give into their will to destroy the side of the Force that opposed them, and from this conflict they would ultimately lose their own individuality until their end. As she had read in the archives before, after this end one would either become one with the Netherworld of the Force and lose their consciousness (For Force Ghosts could only temporarily hold off this fate), or they would possibly enter a fate worse than this in the Chaos.

The problem that had presented itself was that if death could not be held back, then there must be some way to avoid either of these fates through a better afterlife. She had believed that if this was brought about, then perhaps balance would truly come to the Force.

Ueroma had responded to this truth by vowing to never use the Force as a tool, but instead to have it act on its own around her and simply listen to it. She would follow her own will, but would avoid exerting her will on the Force as much as she possibly could, and would not push her beliefs on others. This was a belief that was more in-line with the philosophy of Gray Paladins, yet it had a much deeper view in terms of existence, one's own will, and the afterlife.

She had thought that perhaps if one came about that could fully separate their own will from that of the Force, despite being able to listen to it (Or perhaps because they had been able to listen to it that they would reject its will, and follow their own will to the end of their lives with almost no reliance on the Force if any), they would open a pathway into a new afterlife.

Ueroma believed that it would be in this new afterlife where individuality had remained, yet there would no conflict among differing sides of the Force, or the negative effects that characterized the currently existing afterlives.

Until such a greater afterlife brought about by a true "chosen one" would come, or until her own death, she would teach as many as were willing to listen of her views.

Settling on Yaga MinorEdit

Eventually, Ueroma took placement tests to become a Student Counselor at the Yaga Minor Political Science Academy, and would wear one of two different sets of outfits depending on what she was doing at the time. If she had been in her office, she would wear a school uniform or business-apparel.

While she was going off-world or traveling during breaks or vacations, she would wear an armorweave jacket and pants she had purchased in Coruscant, which also had tiny cortosis-weaved plates and studs that were linked and placed underneath the outer fabric so as to still appear normal. With this same outfit, she had also purchased a pair of thruster boots, which were somewhat loud on their activation, but were less harmful to the environment because they used pressurized biodegradable fuel. Ueroma had also abandoned her lightsaber and learned the arts of Teräs Käsi to help discipline herself physically and mentally.

Her reasons for this off-world outfit and style were not only for self-defense, but also to teach herself to reduce her own reliance on the Force because of having relied on it so much as a tool in the past. She viewed her redemption because of Endimi as a fresh start, and a chance to finally have her will stay her own instead of belonging to the Force.

Meeting Charun FilitEdit

Ueroma Counseling Charun

Counselor Ueroma Alox and a student, Charun Filit, in her office at the Yaga Minor Political Science Academy

In the second year since she became a student counselor, and the first year of Charun Filit's attendance, the latter had been among the students assigned to her as a Counselor. One of the first things Charun told her had been about strange thoughts or voices he had been hearing in his head, and how during his childhood others would make fun of or bully him because of this.

Ueroma knew that this was because Charun was Force-sensitive. When they had both selected a three-degree plan for his political career path, he had to take a Theology class as part of its lesser requirements, and would also continue to discuss matters of the Force with her. Charun believed that the Force was merely a scientific phenomena, and while Ueroma did not necessarily agree with this idea, she had respected his views and even thought of the possibility every now and then.

They would occasionally have debates over certain things, but Ueroma would always tell him the ideas of her own philosophy on the Force, and why it should not be "used" like a tool. She had never tried to push any of her beliefs on him, but always would give him lessons because he had an open mind and was willing to learn more about it.

They would occasionally go to the student caf shop together and drink caf when both of them had free time. While she would get blue milk in her caf, he would put Ishi Tib-cracked coconut milk in his. She allowed Charun to do some of his studying and homework in her office, and she was reminded of the happiest days of her time with Endimi as they studied together.

Ueroma had cared for Charun, not only as a student, but also as a friend. She had even began to develop romantic feelings for Charun, but decided that they should simply stay friends with each other when she felt through the Force that he only saw her as a friend.

She did not bring herself to form a Force Bond with Charun, despite the fact that they had such a wonderful friendship. This was not only because using the Force in such a way was against her beliefs now, but also because she was afraid that doing so would bring both of them more pain, and wasn't needed for them to have a good relationship as friends or better. She rather viewed Charun as how a mother views her son, and would teach him her philosophy for as long as he was willing to listen, to protect him from making her past mistakes.

Eventually, he had graduated with all three degrees, but his father had tragically died from Knowt's Disease while staying at a hospital in the planet's orbit. Ueroma comforted Charun, and when he had shared his father's last words with her, she smiled; believing in oneself, despite any influences (Negative or otherwise)… had indeed been one of the core beliefs of her current ideals.

Personality and TraitsEdit

During her time in the SJE, Ueroma Alox was known to not be very adventurous in her environments. While this was in part due to safety measures put in place for Younglings and Initiates, she had nevertheless been content with staying in a peaceful location for extended amounts of time. This could also explain why she preferred to stay on-world at Yaga Minor when she became a student counselor at the Political Science Academy. However, that isn't to say that Ueroma never ventured off-world when she was required to for her duties, or when she had reflected on her life after Endimi's death.

While on-world wherever her planet of residence had been, Ueroma had always studied and maintained records of knowledge. As a Jedi Consular, her chosen path had been that of a Jedi Librarian upon reaching knighthood, mainly because she had preferred gaining knowledge to entering into dangerous conflicts.

How Ueroma Deals With EnemiesEdit

Ueroma had always sought ways to bring peace whenever on missions. She had despised the resolution of conflicts through violence, whether to end a threat as a Jedi or to crush one's enemies as a Sith. This was also evidenced by her handling of meeting a Sith Lord on Polis Massa, for she had chastised her Padawan for rushing at him with his lightsaber. When Endimi escaped she had Force-pushed Garas Yipakaia away from her and ran away, rather than try to end his life; however, this would lead to her capture.

The only times she had ever used violence were in self-defense if she had deemed that her own life, or the life of someone she cared about, had been at risk. For much of her time as a Sith she had went against this principal of hers, but this had been due to being controlled by Darth Dreddas as his apprentice; if she failed, he would end her life or worse… torment her. She had also fought Darth Dreddas, not only in revenge for all he had done to her, but also in an attempt to ensure that Endimi would not be defeated.

Current Views of the ForceEdit

After the conflict on Rhelg, Ueroma's views of the Force became similar to that of a Gray Paladin, in that one's dependency on the Force should be minimal, if any.

Ueroma had connected the relationships between Force-sensitive beings and the Force to be one of the great causes of conflict and death in the Galaxy, but she believed it was not because of the Force or its followers' opposing viewpoints. Ueroma came to the conclusion that such conflicts and a "greater scope of suffering" were caused by an erosion of will brought about by over-dependence on the Force, whether through using its power too much, or by giving into what one thinks is the Will of the Force.

She had also believed that a "better afterlife" would be brought about by those who could sense the Force, yet did not allow it to influence their will by completely eschewing its use and respecting the beliefs of others. Ueroma believed that in this state of existence one would not lose their individuality to the Netherworld of the Force, be damned to the Chaos, or hold off either of these fates as a temporary Force Ghost, but would instead enter another plane where there existed no Force and no possibility of conflict or suffering. She had concluded that if such an afterlife were to be brought about, it would be through the power of the wills within such individuals, and not through the power of the Force.

Whenever she had come across Force-sensitives after adopting these beliefs (The first of her new students being Charun Filit), she would teach them how to discipline their minds to listen and feel the Force around them, but would caution them against manipulating their environments or willfully using the Force as a form of power. Ueroma had believed that her teachings would give her students a chance to "defy the will of any side of the Force, and strengthen their own wills."

Views Toward Others' BeliefsEdit

Ueroma Alox respects other people and their beliefs, never trying to push her own beliefs on them, as she sees no reason to. Doing such a thing would also go against her philosophy that manipulation of wills or of the Force brings about a decay of one's own will.

When Charun Filit expressed his belief that the Force was merely a phenomena in the Galaxy and had no evidence to believe that it was a living being unless proven otherwise, Ueroma had respected his beliefs. She had still taught Charun what she believed, mainly because he had wanted to hear about it, but also because her teachings had helped him to discipline his mind to avoid being overwhelmed by the thoughts of others. Ueroma even considered the possibility that the Force may have been non-sentient, with what she senses through the Force being perhaps the result of sensing contact with a field of energy generated as a by-product from matter in the Galaxy.


As a Jedi and SithEdit

Ueroma Alox during her time as a Jedi Knight in SJE and a Sith in the SEE had been able to use a variety of Force abilities, but the one she was strongest in was the Force Bond ability. She would create this between herself and Endimi, and it would empower either of them while separated and allow them to see things from the other's perspective.

Even during her time as a Sith, despite the fact that she and Darein had now been different alignments in the Force, neither of their feelings for each other had differed much. Where many weaker Force Bonds would have disappeared entirely or became practically nothing, this one began to only weaken after Ueroma became a Sith. It was because of this weakening that Ueroma would not die after Endimi did, but it still gave her a great amount of pain and grief that she would always remember upon finally being broken.

As an ex-Jedi and ex-SithEdit

After the events at Rhelg, Ueroma had eschewed many of her previous Force abilities, with the only ones she kept being those that would allow her to sense the Force, and any abilities that had manifested themselves in an involuntary manner. Charun Filit would later be trained by her, though his ability to sense the Force would not be on the level she had been able to when at her peak, especially since her ability to sense it had grown since then.

Clothes and EquipmentEdit

Whenever she was off-world from Yaga Minor and the Political Science Academy, Ueroma would wear equipment that made her look natural, and allowed for self-defense if necessary. However, the one thing that was important to her about this outfit had been to reduce her reliance on the Force, because she had depended on it so much as a Jedi and Sith that she felt a need to "detoxify herself" from its influence in her life during those times.

She wears an armorweave jacket and pants, with boots that have thrusters on them. The jacket and boots have cortosis-weaved metal plates behind their fabric, allowing additional stopping against energy weapons and lightsabers if they should rip through the armorweave. The thrusters of the jet boots use a biodegradable fuel, and allow her to fly through the air when needed without using Force powers as a tool to do so.

Ueroma has practiced the arts of Teräs Käsi for self-defense and further discipline of herself ever since she abandoned her lightsaber. Her ability to sense attacks coming through the Force, combined with her reinforced clothing and moves from this style of martial arts make her a formidable melee opponent.

Her only current Force abilities:

  • Force Sense
  • Force Comprehension
  • Telepathy


  • Studying
  • Basic meditation, in which she takes a quiet moment to listen to the Force around her while reflecting on her life
  • Teräs Käsi exercises for fitness and discipline
  • Meeting with students for counseling purposes
  • Teaching what she believes to those who wish to listen