The Stalker-V was a swoop bike sold by TaggeCo and produced by Mobquet, sometimes known as "The Reaper."


Uller2 001

The Uller-D was an unremarkable but adequate design.

The Uller-D is a competent swoop bike, but is otherwise unremarkable in every respect.



Mobquet produced the Uller-D at around 200 ABY, when the Tagge Company first noticed an increase in demand for a cheap, reliable swoop that was modular enough to be upgraded or have parts replaced easily.

Early productionEdit

The Uller-D enjoyed moderate success in less wealthy urban centers, and temperate planets with open terrain. Production ceased around 220 ABY, in favor of a new line of swoops.

Operational deploymentEdit

The Uller-D is largely obsolete, but is still frequently used due to its low price and relative quality

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