"Wampas must eat too."

— Master Undala Oceanlane

Undala Oceanlane, the child of mine slaves and a Master of the Jedi Way. Is an Elder of the Jedi teachings and has witnessed many orders rise and fall. For a long time he had been in self exile, though recently he has returned to offer his wisdom as an aid to many orders. He trusts that the Force will guide him to the right order, in which he may call home for many years as he once did in the New Order of the Jedi.



Early LifeEdit

It all began at the mines of Kessel. His Grandfather, Oji Quin, and his Grandmother, Lyris Deon, met each other while working in the mines of Kessel and fell in love, having his father, Yhaws Oceanlane. Growing up, Yhaws met and fell in love with his mother Geun Hicho, who had Undala's older brother, Rythis, and in turn became a Sith.

As time pasted his Lyris was killed in a cave collapsing while working in the deep mines. Out of pain Oji took his grief on the rocks on the spice planet, and soon discovering an Ultra Crystal embedded in a thick chunk of spice rock. Following these findings, Yhaws and Geun had Undala.

To save him from the slaving of Kessel, his parents sent him on a shuttle to Yavin IV when he was 15, able to take care of himself and capable of becoming a Jedi, which he would fulfil by joining the Jedi order called the New Order of the Jedi. Along with his departure, his Grandfather hide his Ultra Crystal in a crate of Spice Soil also headed for Yavin IV to cover its presence and keep it from being found.

He documented the destination that the soil would be planted in his data pad, and set a voice activated password to it of the first name of his grandson. He himself took a shuttle to Coruscant, his son and step daughter staying on Kessel to live there lives of normal. A few years before his death, Oji hide his data pad in the Coruscant Archives.

Quest for the Ultra CrystalEdit

At about the time Undala became Padawan III, he had began to hear that his brother had discovered about this presence of the crystal, and had began search for it. He had to stop his brother from finding it. Along with Sir Kerman Boa, a Jedi Knight who had befriended him went out to search of information to find the Crystal. They went to the most largest Archive, the Coruscant Archive, and found his Grandfathers data pad. It had told of the findings of the crystal and its shipment to, Yavin IV, where he had began his search.

They went back the Yavin IV to search manually for the crystal, but found only a common landscaper. He seemed have just finished digging up a large plot of soil. They asked the landscaper where the soil had gone to, and he told them of a plot in an atrium near the end of the Great Hall in Coruscant that was in need of bedding.

They traveled back to Coruscant, meeting up with Casey Dawes, another Jedi Knight who had been improving his piloting skills there. As they began there walk to the atrium where told was the presence of the crystal, Undala's brother turned out.

First his brother igniting his saber, then the 3 Jedi, and they began a large battle against the Dark Sith Lord sibling. During the battle, Undala's Master, Master Mantis Grebes, arrived and accompanied in the fight. In the end, they discovered that this Sith Lord was in fact not his brother, and a female someone.

While Undala's Master held back the Sith Lord, Undala used his practised technique Force Combustion on the thick glass wall shielding the atrium and shattering the glass. Looking through the small amphibious plot, Undala easily found the crystal, which finally ended there mission of finding the Crystal. Placing the crystal in his pocket, Undala and the other Jedi went back the Yavin and we placed in Bacta Tanks to heal there wounds from the fight.

Combined with the Bio Chemical Charges from the Power cell of Undala's Bacta tank, and the total power that the crystal contained instantly created an energetic explosion inside Undala's tank destroying the Bacta tank and the crystal, but not harming Undala at all. Finally the Crystal was no more and his mission was complete.

Now Undala could continue his path as a Jedi. Though there could be more crystals on Kessel, they would be kept safe for a long time in the deep rock layers.

Present StandingEdit

Undala Oceanlane is now an Ashla Arahant of the Elders of Ashla.

"Can you please lower your weapons? I am trying to speak with a Rancor."

— Undala Oceanlane