Please note this is not strictly a Jedi Order itself, but a membership of Jedi Orders (read on for more information).


When Master Marcus, the legendary Jedi Master and Galactic Scholar felt the approach of his reunification with the Force, he sent a mental summons to several old friends of his, Jedi Masters whom he had known for many years. From all over the Galaxy and from several Orders, they came to the little hut in the Dune Sea to be with Master Marcus at the end. On his deathbed, the last Master of the the ancient Jedi Alliance - the last unification of the Jedi that there has been - he beseeched his fellow Masters to work together more for the benefit of the Jedi and of the Galaxy as a whole. On his passing to the Force, the Masters present swore to uphold his wish and to form a Unified Jedi Council.


The Unified Jedi Council (UJC) is not a formal unification of the various Jedi Orders; this has been tried many times in the last few years and it has been uniformly unsuccessful. The differences between the various Orders is too great for this to work. Instead, the UJC is there to allow the different Orders to work together better without trying to impose an artificial merging. Rather than trying to iron out differences between the Orders into a homogenous whole, its aim is to respect and value the differences between the Orders and to use them as a strength, working together where possible. It is not an Order as such, but a forum where the Council Masters of the various member Orders can discuss issues and provide a degree of synchronisation.

Current MembershipEdit

The current member Orders of the UJC include: -

How to joinEdit

We at the Unified Jedi Council are always looking to expand to cover the spectrum of our Jedi brethren. However, please bear the following in mind.

Joining on an individual basisEdit

To join the UJC on an individual, you have to be a Council member of a member Jedi Order. If this is the case, please ask one of your fellow Council members who is already a member of the Unified Jedi Council group to recommend you for addition to the group to one of the UJC group owners. Please note that if you are not in a member group, you cannot be a part of the UJC (however, please see below).

Joining your OrderEdit

To apply for your group to be a member of the UJC, please contact one of the UJC owners. Please note that there are a few pre-requisites that your group must be able to fulfil to be considered and that if it does not fulfil all of them, it is unlikely to accepted into the UJC: -

  • It must be a Jedi group
  • It must have a selective intake of members (i.e. not an open enrolement group as these do not have any means to ensure Jedi qualities)
  • It must have a training program for its members
  • It must be active (i.e. not a historical, inactive group)
  • The Council of your group has to agree for the group to join, it must not be your decision alone
  • It must have existed for at least one calendar month and be known in SWRP

Importantly, your group does not necessarily need to have land of its own to be considered. Although most true Jedi Orders will, the UJC recognises that especially at the outset and in times of difficulty, an Order may not have a home but that this does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the group.


Much of the activity of the UJC is planned to be on the Unified Jedi Council forum at since in-world meetings often will not include everyone due to timezone differences/different times online. Please bear in mind that this is a member-only forum and that the same criteria as above apply to this. If you do fulfil the criteria above, please register using a recognisable username (your SL avatar name or your IC name is suggested; you can change the viewable name in your profile after you log in).


If you have any queries which are not answered above, please address them to Leo Mission or Marcus Moreau in IM in-world.

Leonardis 16:06, 25 November 2008 (UTC)

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