United Galaxies started a a formal set of SWRP sims started in the fourth quarter 2007. It was impulsed by Coruscant and was joined by few others and groups usually based on other sims.

With time it became more and more informal, designing the group following the main plot frame, until this plot ended and the group stopped coordinated activities few months after its creation.

The dominant Combat System in use was RCS, and United Galaxies is sometimes improperly used to refer sims or groups not using DCS2 or FCRS, even if those never took part of the Union or started after the end of the group.

Several of the members also experimented outside of Second Life building sims on the open grid. All of the founding members are still active in SWRP today with the exception of Victor Brody. While no longer active in Second Life, the person who played Victor Brody is an active member of the 501st Legion.

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