The United Imperial Alliance was an Imperial Organization led by Lady Widow, after Corruption within the Galactic Alliance had grown larger then ever anticipated.


The UIA was founded by Widow and her followers on Imperial Worlds, to fight against the Galactic Alliance. Under its former leadership the United Imperial Alliance believed in being neutral with everyone, a choice that eventually failed with the UIA's war against the Galactic Alliance, as well as commandos from the UIA attacking settlements on Rhen Var.

The Imperial headquarters was located on the planet of Hoth. Its exact location was mostly unknown bexcept to those who were invited to it. Their base was located supposedly within just a few short miles from the Dha'oya'karir Mandalorian Camp

The United Imperial Alliance had 3 Branches: The United Imperial Knights, The United Imperial Army, and the United Imperial Royal Shadow Guards. As well as having it's own Imperial Senate.

Fragmentation and reformationEdit

See main article: United Imperial Remnant Forces

When Lady Widow vanished form both Ord mnatell and the galactic scene entirely, the UIA fell into disarray as various units from the Empire fought for power among themselves. The bulk of the remaining forces, including all members of the Navy came under the command of the Chiss Grand Moff Miara’ackesht’hawnui. Miara’ackesht’hawnui felt that the troops needed a true figurehead to lead them instead of himself and sought out an audience with the Mandalorian Alor Nico Fett who had once been a key ally to the UIA, as well as the owner of the only Star Destroyer to survive the fragmentation of the UIA. Miara’ackesht’hawnui pledged the loyalty of himself and all who served under him directly to Fett, making it very clear that the loyalty was to Fett alone and not any clan or government he chose to follow.

United Imperial Alliance BranchesEdit

United Imperial KnightsEdit

The United Imperial Knights were similar to the Imperial Knights of past regimes (Such as the Fel Empire, & The Remnant Knights). The United Imperial Knights armor was blue, silver and black instead of the normal red and black armor.

United Imperial ArmyEdit

The United Imperial Army was comprised of Imperial Shadow Troopers.

United Imperial GuardEdit

The Imperial Shadow Guards were essentially the same as Palpentines red royal guard but their outifts were black robes, red Visors, with Black Shadow Trooper armor on undernieth. The duty of the United Imperial Guard was to protect the leader of the United Imperial Alliance.

Notable leaders of the United Imperial AllianceEdit


An Imperial Knight Master who Past and identity remain a complete mystery, some think he was once a sith lord for his vast knowledge in the darkside, but then his knowledge into the lightside has been proven to be wide as well.


The Imperial Chiss Grand Moff.


A Mandalorian for Dha'oya'Karir, Commander of the Imperial Army.

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