Urbs Nebulum was the former base of the Jedi Order known as Jedi Unity in the Foxglove sim (the same plot of land which was originally occupied by the KOTOR Jedi Order). It took the form of a floating city of skyscrapers - based on the Canon settlement of Cloud City on Bespin ("Urbs Nebulum" meaning "Cloud City") - and was busy and active until it was decommissioned. Its builder was Rebecca Baker.


Platform 2776 A10, a.k.a. Urbs Nebulum, is a tibanna gas mine, one of thousands floating in planet Bespin's "life zone". It consisted of the following areas:

  • Maintenance Shaft: The main hall of the East Building is the gateway to Urbs Nebulum. The elevator in this building will take you to the Medical Ward, Maintenence Shaft and Research Lab.
  • Bacta Ward: Half of the Medical Ward, on the top floor of the East Building, houses bacta tanks for major tissue regeneration. These tanks may be optimized to suit the physiology of any species.
  • Infirmary: For lesser emergencies, one may seek rest and recuperation in the infirmary, under the vigilant care of our Jedi healers.
  • Research Lab: Due to the enormous energies passing through the bulkhead conduits, loitering in this area is not encouraged. This passage leads to the Research Lab. Because of the energy requirments of the research equpiment, the Research Lab is deep in the heart of the city's energy grid. This area includes work benches for small builds such as personal attachments and handheld weapons.
  • Courtyard: This open area lies in the center of the three buildings, and is distinguished by the light sculpture in the center. It is a popular place for impromptu gatherings.
  • Lounge: The lounge in the Gray Building is where the sector's shadiest characters often surfaceto wheel and deal for thier slice of the galactic pie. Use the elevator here to access the rest of the western quarter of the city.
  • Library: The library contains data terminals and an area for small-audience lectures.
  • Hangar: The Hangar may be used to launch, land, repair, and build phys ships. Additionally, all the barrels and crates are phys objects, perfect for practicing manipulation of objects using The Force. (Please keep the forcefield active when moving objects so that they do not fly into someone's yard.)
  • Carbon Freezing Chamber: The platforms and elevation changes in this enclosed area make it an ideal place to hone your saber technique. (Please do not enter the chamber when others are sparring. If others are waiting for their turn to spar please do not make them wait more than 5 minutes.)
  • Assembly Hall: This area is for ceremonies and large gatherings. (Feel free to look around inside of the assembly hall, but please do not loiter or spar inside.)
  • Council Chamber: Please give the Jedi Council a measure of privacy by only going up to the council chamber when invited and not hovering nearby in a vehicle or sitting on the roof.