Ures'Chaabar is an OTC Force Vessel currently residing with the OTC on their station at Pelek Baw.

Early LifeEdit

Ures'Chaabar's early life contained many hardships, his mother was killed before his eyes by his father when he was two, and without her there was no one to stick up for him. His father beat him, and left him in fear during his younger years. He gained several phobias as a result of this.

Although his early life was quite bad, there were some people that would think him highly spoiled and happy. He lived in a castle and had his own servants. He made friends with almost every servant. Because of that, he was happy when his father wasn't angry.

He soon ran away from that however, following a servant onto a busy shuttle which went to the starships. He followed the servant onto one of the starships where he lost track of the servant he was following, and realized much too late where he was. He turned and ran back towards the doors which closed right in front of him, and after a moment it took off, heading straight for the stars.