The Revenant Armada manufactured VG5-3 Tactical Repeating Blaster was a light weight, multi-purpose rifle produced in an attempt to standardize weaponry.


VG5-3 Angle

VG5-3 Tactical Repeating Blaster

The VG5-3 was a compact, light, and durable weapon. Due to the materials of it's construction, and the quality of the internal mechanisms, it was rated with a shock capability of 8000 g. The main characteristic distinguishing the VG5-3 from other weapons of similar size and functionality was it's sound suppression mechanism. The barrel sported a small post-suppressor just prior to the emitter nozzle, while a pre-suppressor within the body of the weapon built into the primary focusing coil assembly takes care of a majority of the sound. The system drasticly cut back on noise and muzzle flash on the weapon. To reduce the visual impact of each shot, the VG5-3 used a synthetically produced gas based off of tibanna gas, along with less gas per shot than comperable blasters, which in turn also allowed for a smaller gas storage chamber. The downside of this was that the weapon had a shorter range, making it unsuitable for long range uses, despite it's precision.


The VG5-3 was designed to replace the Revenant Armada's disparraging gamut of firearms, small and light enough to be used by any of their personnel, yet powerful enough to replace larger weaponry. It was adopted in an attempt to standardize most of the weaponry used by the Revenant Armada, rather than it's prior variations in arms, though it was deemed unfit for long range special operations use.

Behind the scenesEdit

The VG5-3's design is based off the Vigneron submachine gun, the E-11 blaster rifle, and Selkisto's work on his weaponry.

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