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VICE (Vehicle & Infantry Combat Environment) is a immersive combat system with a focus on vehicles but it supports infantry units as well. It got created by Mifune Tribaut and Creeme Pye and serves as the main combat system in many aviation sims outside of SWRP.It is Free and open to use for everyone.

System Edit

VICE has a vehicle chart of possible vehicle-classes (for example: Aircraft, tanks, fixed guns,boats etc). Each unit can carry a limited amount of certain weapon systems and payload. Unlike other systems it does not use a sensor system to detect hits but real fired bullets. The system in itself is closed and the vehicles are not vulnerable to other bullets or payload then VICE payload to assure fairness for all parties.

Features Edit

Vice features a couple handy options to make the vehicle combat expirience a better one this includes:

  • teams
  • private channels (for duels)
  • friendly fire on/off
  • editable vehicle HP (in its limits)
  • editable payload
  • Sub-Support for the sensor based TCS (CCC support got removed).

Popularity within SWRP Edit

Despite its extensivly tested fairness and overwhelming options VICE never really found its way to SWRP.

Source Edit

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