Family HistoryEdit

Valtiel was born in in the Tor Villiage located in the forbidden zones on the mainland owned by the Yuuzhan Vong on the planet Zonama Sekot. He is the son of Ulo Tor, his half human mother and Aga'ma Tor Shai, a pure blood Yuuzhan Vong Warrior father. along with an older brother, Ral Tor. Both him and his late brother were born Force Sensitive taking up the Force Sensitivty and effect a generation after his Force absent mother from his Force Sensitive grandmother. His mother, Ulo, was born to a human mother and a Yuuzhan Vong father who lived in a small human colony on Zonama Sekot.

His mother grew up with human customs but returned to the villiage of her race to raise her own family. His grandmother was a Force Sensitive human from the human colony where his mother was born. His father, Aga'ma Tor Shai was born 30 years before the Yuuzhan Vong Wars on the Galaxy and is a survivor and veteran from the war. He later took over a large portion of the Yuuzhan Vong territory on Zonama Sekot a hundred years later and is the oldest living Yuuzhan Vong of his species to date due to the changes in their culture and organic tech which no longer lengthens their life spans. His father is cold and stern and very strict in forcing his beliefs and the old ways on others and expects complete obedience from all and will punish anyone severly if his commands are not followed with no acceptions, even with his own offspring.

Life HistoryEdit

Valtiel and his brother were deemed cursed by the gods when him and his brother reached the age of 5 when they begin to exhibit strange powers from the Force, something his people did not know of and was subject to being bullied when his father was out of the villiage. Valtiel never knew of the galaxy, other planets, machines and inorganic builds or even knew of alien races until his mother took him and his brother for the first time out of the villiage to meet their grandparents when at the age of 10 years. It was upon seeing humans and other aliens for the first time and the promise of new worlds and cultures that intreged him and his brother to grow curious and want to explore on their own even without his parents and even his people's knowledge.

It wasn't until the age of 16 he immediately fell into conflict with his father when he walked in on Shai and his mother having a "private" moment to concieve a child. In anger, his father lashed out at him and he was beaten badly as a result. Shai then casted him as Shamed. To escape a day from being tortured by his father's egotisical Warriors, him and his brother had escaped the villiage to explore more and discovered a Sith temple. Unknowingly to them, their father was on their trail to retrieve them. Curious by the strange aliens and their strange building, the went to explore not knowing of Sith and the danger. They were immediately spotted and attacked on sight with no warning. Ral was killed immediately by a red lightsaber through the skull and Valtiel's left leg was decapitated and the right leg partially cut open by a lightsaber when he tried to retreat. His father was able to fight off the Sith and saved Valtiel. Distraught at his brother's loss more than the pain of losing his legs, he passed out and awoke with organic prosthetic legs.

He spent a month alone grieving the loss of his brother until he met a female Warrior named Jena who soon became his closest friend. Due to loneliness and the grief of losing his brother, he has decided with her that they would raise a child together without thinking of the concequences. His time with her lasted less than a month when his father discovered the two in a secret cave near the villiage. Jena was taken to another villiage and prevented to ever return to see Valtiel and Valtiel was taken and forced to drink a toxic drink that would prevent him from being able to reproduce due to the old laws against relationships outside one's castes. Angered to the point in not caring anymore, he later attacked his father in his sleep in an attempt to kill his father and rid his people of the awful tyrant.

His attempt failed and Val was beaten close to death and his body dumped outside in the forest for him to die by the elements instead of by his hands. Unknowing to the villiagers, a small community of Fosh lived in the nearby woods in isolation and secret. The Fosh found his unconcious body at night and willingly took him in and nursed him back to health and gave him a feather after he gained their trust and they gained his trust. He used the feather's DNA to have a Shaper friend of his create a garblith masquer to be made to mask his identity. When his father discovered him to be alive, he set an order to execute Valtiel publicly the following day. Val took run in disguise to escape his fate.

Soon after, Val fled his forest villiage to seek a more peaceful place to reside in his new disguise. He ran into the Potentium who taught him about other planets, travel and the different factions. Val shows all interest in helping others while avoiding conflict as much as possible. He believes in being polite and treating everyone with respect regardless of the path in life they chose. He is very open minded for one of his race but still displays some fears of machines and still has aggression. He was taken in by the Covenant Jedi Order and became a Knight.