"The past can be painful and bring the darkest emotions. Forget it, and you shall live in harmony."

— Var Durm

Var Durm is a Kel Dor from Dorin , living as a Jedi Consular , member of the Jedi Watchmen , whose council is located in Mos Eisley , in the desertic planet Tatooine . Most of his time is spent inside the academy or temple, studying the ways of the Force and teaching and helping others as much as he can. His name isn't famous or well known among the people of Mos Eisley due to his compromise to the studies. He hasn't been seen in action for a long time, but the conflicts he couldn't avoid left unforgetable marks.



Born in 109 ABY in Dorin, Var was the first son of the Durms, a humble family. His father was a Baran Do Sage, and started training Var to become a Sage just like him. Receiving an unexpected visit of a Jedi of The Republic who was lost in the sector, his father agreed in let his elder son to be taken by the jedi and become a peace keeper. He soon became a youngling , living strictly inside the Jedi Temple. Var Durm was very dedicated to his studies and was fascinated for everything new he found among the jedi archives.



Padawan Var Durm

After growing up and acquiring enough knowledge, Var was taken by a jedi master as his padawan . Being a Kel Dor, a non-haired specie, instead of a braid to be identified as a padawan Var used in his extrasensory organ on the right side of his head a metallic "earring" with a green precious stone, he later discovered it was a Barab Ore and he used half of it to construct his lightsaber. Var accomplished some tasks

Padawan 002

Var Durm at the medical facility after losing his arm

and kept spending his time studying in the temple.

It was on his padawanhood that Var Durm had his left arm cut off by a Lord Sith , when he unwisely tried to beat the sith to protect a civilian, even knowing his opponent was way stronger than him. This was considered his flesh trial and was decisive for his growing maturity.


Padawan 005

Var Durm in dark robes

Var quickly became a jedi Knight, choosing to act as a Jedi Consular. Since this moment, Var spent muchmore of his time inside the temple. A salient event was when he was patroling the street when an Ubese drug dealer and his female Twi'Lek friend tried to sell him spice . Refusing and talking about morality, he was attacked. He defeated the Twi'Lek (wh

Padawan 007

Knight Var Durm. The permanent scar on his right eye.

showed to be a sith), but, weakened by the previous battle, he was defeated by the Ubese. The conflict almost made him blind, leaving a scar on his right eye.

He spent some time studying mechanics and robotics, but soon came back to the studies.

Feeling ready to share his knowledge, experience and train a youngling, he chose his first padawan, Trana , who's now in the begining of a new part of her jedi life, just like her new master.