Zeide Xuan Paf (Vardus)Edit

Vardus is a Male, Human, Unaltered Clone from the world of Coruscant. Having taken over his father's rebellious legacy, Vardus sought to defeat the Imperials and the Jedi alike, believing them to be the root cause of the people's suffering. However, after landing on Ruusan, and becoming involved with the New Order of the Jedi, he abandoned this ideology for a new one of peace. At this stage in time, Vardus was known as Zeide. He did not become Vardus until he was apprenticed by Darth Occidian.

General Physical DetailsEdit

Vardus is average height, weighs 166lbs and has a lightly tanned complexion. He wears light traditional make-ups, to show his heritage as a formerly upper-class child. Usually, Vardus would grow his hair out long, however during his years of apprenticeship he has cut it short, keeping it neat and tidy for the sake of practicality. Vardus has many horrific scars across his back, arms and torso as a result of torture and punishment during his time on Korriban. His left eye is synthetic, as his original eye was removed from his skull by a Dark Jedi Master as punishment for Vardus's defection. Vardus has a meticulous training routine, which keeps his body in peek fitness, along with his mind.

Force AbilitiesEdit

Vardus, during his time on Ruusan the first time, had little to no ability to harness the power of the force. This drove him to near insanity as he struggled weeks on end to attain the ability to do so. It was not not until his becoming a Dark Jedi that he became able to use force abilities. Vardus quickly picked up on basics, such as the Force Push, Force Jump, and Telepathy. It was not until his darkest training began that he learned to use the Force Choke and Force Grab techniques. During his final months of living on Korriban, Vardus began to learn the ways of Force Healing, in a bid to keep himself alive under the constant punishments he received.

After returning to Ruusan, Vardus began to train his force abilities further, and began to neglect the powers of the dark side. He quickly began perfecting his basic abilities with Force Heal, and moved to the next step, a Master. He became a Padawan under Master Jedi Seven Isarad for this reason.

The last of his powers were attained shortly after the Ancient Sith Holocron had been smashed on Ruusan by Master Jedi Azlum. With the release of the Ancient Sith spirits, Vardus took on the role of attacking them with his words and intellect. Pleeding to the Master Jedi to resist them. It was just then that the attentions of the Sith spirits focused on Zeide. What they wanted from him, or what they had done would not be found out until much later, as the Jedi who had pursued Azlum now moved in to attack, in order to save the lives of those the Sith spirits may have intended to take.

This strange event left Zeide somewhat disfunctional, and increasingly he went into isolation within himself. The true nature of what had happened now surfaced. Zeide was no more. In his place, a new spirit, one with a clean slate, one created during Zeide's struggle to live on Korriban, created by his desire for power on Ruusan years ago. This new spirit, had no knowledge of any of the events since Zeide left Korriban, however, he brought with him the purest of the dark side.

Vardus (the name given to this new spirit) now sought complete dominion, and immediately left for Vjun to attain a master. And in no time, he had stumbled upon newly appointed Darth, Occidian. Vardus's abilities had grown in power substantially since his complete plunge into the dark side of the force. His Force Choke is capable of taking hold of even some of the Darths. His Force Heal has astronomically improved, allowing him to recouperate quickly if necessary. His force push has incredible power, and finally, his latest addition, Force Lightning, possibly his most powerful yet.

Besides his active skills, Vardus is incredibly adept in his ability to sense using the Force. He is capable of determining through the force not only one's alignment, but at what level they are at in the use of the Force. He is able to determine exact locations at great distances also.


Besides his abilities such as Force Choke, Force Lightning and Force Push, Vardus has several other choices of weaponry at his disposal. All of his other weapons are lightsabers, or lightsaber variants. Vardus carries two ancient lightsabers, original crystals still intact, however tends not to use them very often. He carries a set of mass production Sith sabers, the distinct traits being the curved blade accessories on the hilt, along with the Synth-crystals used to make them. Of these mass-production type sabers, he carries two standard sabers, and one shoto. Finally, he also carries an ancient sith relic forked lightstaff, though he tends only to use that on special occasions.

Saber StylesEdit

Vardus has had much practise in different styles of saber combat. He is a little of a 'Jack of all trades, master of none.' Vardus has studied, and is capable of fighting using Form II: Makashi, Form III: Soresu, Form VIII: Sokan (Doublesaber) and Form X: Jar'kai. Of these styles, his preferred style is Jar'kai, however, for the sake of learning from his master, he has begun learning Makashi.

Items of SignificanceEdit

It has been said, by those who are close to Vardus, that he has begun a search for something quite important to him, as he sees it, the Helmet of Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. After seeing it in Ruusan's Museum, and discovering it to be a replica, Vardus began his search. Vardus seeks the helm as he believes the darkness won by the person wearing it would still be present, and that with it, he would become more powerful, consuming the residual power left behind.


Prologue: Early LifeEdit


Prologue: AdolescenceEdit


Arrival: Ruusan ArcEdit


Lost Years: Korriban ArcEdit


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Into the Darkness ArcEdit


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