<-The Beginning-> Edit

Varstvo was born into luxury in the region of Inner Rim Territories, the Japrael Sector in the Onderon System. Specifically on the moon Dagri. Growing up he had little or nothing to worry about often his luxury set a strong foundation for him to fall back on incase of troubled times. He attended some of the top Technology educational facilities in which he was able to utilize his skills often developing and sorting materials for the outer shell plating to star class ships. He developed his skills into develping the best quality controls for ships, intillizing them to some of the finest the galaxy had seen. He wasnt interested in flying...just the building aspect in which he enjoyed greatly. Though on some occasions he had to run test flights.

One paticular flight at only 18 standard years old took him to the Horuset system in which he programmed one of the impulse boost technology wrong. After realizing such a flaw it was all but fixable due to his condition. Panic struck him hard as he tried to set back into a suitable speed. He ended up in orbit of a planet, the Planet's pull was too strong. Only by the skin of his teeth was he able to manage, to save himself from total destruction. Amazingly he came out with just afew broken bones and ribs.

He Crawled out of the crashed ship. In awe of his surroundings ruins as far as the eye could see and golden sand blew through his legs. Disregarding the pain, the howling of the gentle breeze drew him closer to a seemingly run down temple. He explored noting some danger due to the rotten flesh still rotting and the skeletons of old. His datapad seem to have no signal, not many functions. He was only able to look through past information and logs. He used the camera on the side to take several photos of various points of interest.

A quick snap to his right shadows seem to intensify. In a blink of an eye his datapad and camera short circuted erasing all information. He fell back onto his knees rubbing his hands from the shock as the crumpled remains of the datapad were quickly buried within sand.

Eventually He got up to his legs and began to glide through the sand making a quick stop with a stomp. He was on a cliff edge of a hanging valley. Looking over he noticed several figures moving into the building at the bottom of the Valley it seemed sparks of electricity were flying out of there hands. That is when he realized. The tales, myths, legends and stories he was told as a child of individuals who seemed to have another sense the aspect known as the force. It was obvious these people had something to do with it...the ruins everything he had known that he had researched been told. Now before him, On the Planet Korriban stood the academy of Sith...

<-A Darker Path -> Edit

Trapped at Korriban finding little that could possible help him out in the situation he was in, he made his way to the valley. Looking through the rocks popping his head into the occasional hole there was nothing. He searced and searched and searched until he had no option but head closer to the academy.

He stood outside noticing a blurred figure in the distance. Trying to get a clearer picture he put on his goggles not being able to see the figure anymore. Some what releived he turned around only to see him right next to him. He was seemingly muscular yet his skin seemed somewhat broken, dead...deformed and his eyes burned a deep shade of red. He explained his situation to him, yet the man only drew closer and closer. Tints of his armour reflected from the sun and shon right down upon Varstvo. He tempted Varstvo into going into the dimmly light academy.
Meeting 001

Varstvo Meeting Apostos

Apostos leaded Varstvo to his chambers where they both chated for quite some time. The whole room was illuminated by a glowing red pool presummably of some kind of blood. The whole atmosphere gave you a sense of a foreboding nature.
Meeting 002

Apostos' Chamber

Varstvo paced up and down thinking wiating for Apostos to offer him any kind of help. Within a splt secodn when he took his eyes of Apostos. Apostos enveloped a shield around Varstvo enclosing him within it. Varstvo beat on it to no avail, it quickly took his breath away as he deperattley shouted out pleas and commands to be set free. All his pleas were ignored as he was shocked several times dropping to his knees in pain.

Even though he knew he couldnt get free he beat and beat and beat to try and show he wasnt playing his game. Realizing finally he was just wearing himself out he sat down catching his breath trying to get his head together. For afew moments he closed his eyes trying to get his mind, his memory in order. Apostos words echoed throughout his head palguing him corrupting him slowly it would grow deeper in his mind. Now Apostos took it to the next stage leading Varstvo over to the centre of the room gazing down upon his figure. A triangle of a purple tint stood before him. Apostos drawing deep on the dark side ... opens his eyes and send forth an awe-inspiring amount of power .. envelpoing Varstvo's mind . It worked on the corruption that already inprinted his mind turning Varstvo.

Varstvo already beign wealthy never had much to aspire for except more power. When it was beign shown off like this in such a strange way, Varstvo was consumed by greed and desire. Finally seeing Apostos work almost done the first stage almsot over. He threw Varstvo onto a strange paintign on the floor beleived to be of Sith origin. That is when the very essence of the darkside entered Varstvo'smind and thoughts. Such power ran in his veins it began to play on his greed and desire. he was flown all around in a certain area hitting agaisnt the floor. the experience itself was quite painful but it showed him true power...that which he could not deny.

In the end Varstvo went to his knees as Apostos took him as his apprentice.
Meeting 006


Meeting 005

Essence of the Darkside

<-Creation-> Edit

Varstvo finally having access to a ship now was able to set off. There was no doubt in his mind that he would return after offers too learn such great power. He had been reading up in the archeives on various subjects, one that caught his eye was the lightsaber. Perhaps getting too ahead off hismelf he set off to find the materials neccessary to build his own. The first thing he realized he needed before even attempting to go through the stage of putting it all together. A crystal. He was heading over naboo and had heard that Naboo itself had quite interesting caves which could contain crystals that could be used in his lightsaber. He travelled down the waterfall into a little gap that lead into deep narrow caves. He travelled down with nothing but a blaster and some bacta shots, perhaps some rope. Upon going deeper and deeper he'd find odd creatures that he hadnt seen before they lashed out at him. Varstvo struggled with them at first with there huge claws and sharp teeth he had to retreat often to get a good shot. However they posed little threat once he got in a open Cavin. He saw another rocky hut and ventured into it after defeating more of the creatures. They seemed to grow in strengh as he progressed. Finally upon entry he found the neccessary crystals off all colours he could think off. He lunged to take a shard of Red and Orange.
Saber Crystal 001

Varstvo - Crystal Caves of Naboo