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Velmoran Military Engineering Works
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Post-Legacy era

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180 ABY

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Velmoran Military Engineering Works, commonly abbreviated to simply, VMEW, is a military production and design company that holds licenses to sell numerous military-grade medical supplies, and often subcontracts projects to Sprig Arms and V Armory, and has subcontracted to foreign companies, including Ikest Industries, Rendili Star Drive, the Intergalactic Banking Clan, and the Mon Calamari Shipyards. VMEW is one of the primary military companies employed by the People's Galactic Alliance, and has designed or produced such famous lines as the MM/PT and MT gunship series and the Xesh and Aurek fighters.


Specializing originally in support vehicles, such as walkers, hover tanks, and military transports, VMEW expanded its scope to include all aspects of warfare, using a few core teams of designers and engineers to delineate construction to other facilities. VMEW was one of the primary beneficiaries of the Velmoran military industry economic boom in the later part of the second century ABY, and survived through a Sith invasion and occupation to produce weapons, equipment, and vehicles. Following the formation of the Republic Liberation Front, and later the Republic Liberation Forces and the People's Galactic Alliance, VMEW became a staunch industry supporter of the movement to restore the Republic, sharing the sentimental pride felt by most Velmorans towards their former queen, Hyacinth Janick. VMEW supplied the RLF with its most vital military supplies, and by necessity branched into starship design. VMEW developed numerous prototypes for the RLF, and several notable starfighters, including the Xesh and Aurek, which went on to be produced by off-world shipyards, such as Ikest Industries.

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