Vendula was a powerful Arahant of the Order of the Elders of Ashla and the presumed force-reincarnation of one of the seven first Arahants, the mythical founders of the Elders of Ashla. She was the one responsible for the re-emerging of her order around 230 ABY, after having been reclusive since the time of the Force Wars. Although she shared the political naiveté of her fellows to some point she was clear-sighted enough to spare the Order from getting involved into daily politics of the galaxy and maintain its secrets despite being visible to the public again.


Early LifeEdit

"When I was a child I felt like being part of an entireness i was unable to understand. When i followed the call of Ashla i was able to restore my connection to that entireness and even more i was able to embrace it completely from then on."

- Arahant Vendula after her consecration ceremony.

Vendula hatched on the Corporate Sector world of Bretta and was a feral child during her early childhood living in harmony with other wild species until she's been captured by Nikto slavers who sold her to a minor Hutt crimelord to Nar Shaddaa, where she was supposed to serve him as just another entertaining pet. However a delegation of Jedi Sentinels incidentally found out that Vendula was force-sensitive and managed to free her. During the following months she received basic jedi training during which Vendula showed great skill, so the Jedi Sentinels decided to take her to Talus where she continued to grow in strength and her connection to the force was similar to few. However soon she decided to venture further into the mysteries of the force and delved deep into forgotten lightside teachings until she learned about the supposedly extinct order of the Elders of Ashla.

The SearchEdit

When she began to follow the few traces and hints spread throughout the galaxy about this mysterious ancient lightside order, she felt more and more drawn towards an unmapped system within the Unknown Regions of the galaxy - the secret monastery of the Elders of Ashla. After a long and troublesome journey she was able to find the system and made first contact with members of the order on an outpost of the Chiss Ascendancy. After she had lived with the Elders for a while she was tested and during a holy ceremony proved to be a force-reincarnation of an ancient lightside practitioner who once belonged to the mythical first seven Arahants who founded the Order and moved it into the unknown regions following the outbreak of the force wars in 25.793 BBY.

Ashla ArahantEdit

As a reincarnated Arahant she immidiately was offered a ruling position within the order and around 230 ABY she and other Arahants made the decision that it was about time to re-emerge into the galaxy and spread their knowledge and wisdom once more to offer a perspective to the devasteted, war-torn societies but also to find more of the lost re-borns.

Personality and traitsEdit