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Verex's Youth Edit

Verex was born to Tauk Vevut (Father) and Serta Vevut (Mother), both of which in aliit Vevut on Mandalore Prime. When Verex was a very young child his father taught him how to shoot blasters and hunt. Verex looked up to his parents, especially his father who was Vevut'alor, he wanted to follow his footsteps and eventually become Vevut'alor, when he was nine he passed his Verd'goten, and was finally a Verd in Aliit'Vevut, he would sometimes sneak off and go hunting by himself in the forest by his yaim, and bring the clan food and they would not know who did such. Later in his youth his Aliit had to travel across Manda'yaim, a trip he would never forget. The aliit would have to stop traveling at some days and camp due to harsh weather conditions, they would also have to stop and hunt and fill up there water supply at rivers. One day while they were camping they were spotted by the Aliit'Hokan, Hokan hated Vevut do to past encounters, and Hokan's views of Vevut being sneaky clan which was true in the past, but not at this time. Aliit'Hokan waited til night and then the Hokan'Alor signaled to attack, they sighted and fired upon the first tent, killing the two inside, the shots woke all of Vevut up and they began to fire back, Verex was using the rifle of one of a fallen Vevut Verd, and killed a Hokan verd, Verex turned to his left to see if his parents were fighting, but they weren't, they were both dead on the ground, Verex felt a sudden jolt of rage and began to fire more rapidly at the Hokan Verde, both sides had extremem casulties, but the grabbed their wounded Hokan ran back to their base and the Vevut took their dead and drifted them in the river, so they could forever be on Mandalore prime, the remaining vevut took the wounded and began to travel during the night and finally settled at a new home. Verex was saddened by the loss of his parents and knew he had to avenge them one day.