Biography Edit

Personality and traits Edit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Vincent has the following skills as wella s the related level of mastery.....

Repair - Novice
Craft (Firearms) - Master
Craft (Sabers) - Master
Computer Use - Novice
Diplomacy - Novice
Gather Information - Novice
Knowledge (Jensaarai History) -Master
Knowledge (Sith Alchemy) - Novice
Knowledge (Sith Lore) - Novice
Knowledge (Jedi Lore) - Novice
Pilot - Novice
Repair - Beginner

Force Skills:
Force Grip - Master
Force Strike - Novice
Force lightning - Master
-Force storm (lightning) - Master
Force Weapon - Master
Force Slow - Novice
-Force Affliction - Novice
-Force Plague - Novice
Sever Force - Master
Sith Alchemy - Master
Spirit Transference - Master
Phantasm - Master
Illusion - Beginner
Move Object - Novice

Breath Control - Novice
Battle Mind - Master
Center of Being -Master
Force Body - Master
Force Comprehension - Master
Force Defence - Novice
Force Enlightenment - Master
Force ghost - Novice
Force healing - Master
Force speed - Master
Force stealth - Novice

Force meld - Novice
Force sense - Master
-Precognition - Novice
-Battle Precognition - Novice
-Force Empathy - Novice
-Farseeing - Novice
Force sight - MAster
Force vision - Novice
Telepathy - Master
-Comprehend Speech - Novice

BulletKinesis - Master
Sacrifice Self - Novice
Force Bond - Master
Oneness - Novice

Equipment Edit

Weaknesses Edit

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