Grand Moff V. Tarkin is the current commander of all Imperial ground forces, including the Army, Stormtrooper Corps, Army Special Missions Troopers, and other classified projects. He is known for being a brilliant tactician posessed of tactical genius, and has made numerous speeches. Tarkin was the subject of a demonstrations on Eriadu.


Early CareerEdit

Vladimir Tarkin VI was born to the family Tarkin of Eriadu in 168 ABY during the Eriadu civil war (well, one of many of them) and in his childhood spent most of his time around the garrison forces, he learned quickly in the ways of warfare and became one of the youngest martial commanders of Eriadu ever (at age 17) before eventually being appointed Governor Militant for his tireless service in the eradication of separatist alien forces.

Stormcorps CommanderEdit

After a meteoric rise in the ranks of the Empire's military upon his getting bored of Eriadu, once there were no more aliens left to kill, then Captain Tarkin assumed command of the Imperial StormTrooper Corps. Many enemies of the Empire met their doom at the tip of a blade or from a blaster barrage during this time, also much collateral damage, and some friendly fire. Due to internal strife in the Empire that was not befitting his sole focus on the art of warfare in the defence of the galaxy from all aggressors, especially his #1 perceived threat: extragalactic alien invaders, Tarkin left the Empire, resigning his commission, boarding his personal Imperial class ISD, Eternal Crusade, (and effectively stealing it from the Imperial fleet, though it was so old nobody minded much) he embarked on a journey into the unknown regions... for unknown purposes.


During his retirement phase, he travelled the unknown regions, doing who knows what out there with his personal Star Destroyer and a company of troops loyal to him personally whom had served along side him since Eriadu and came along to the Empire with him, as well as some others. What he found there and what he did there would be unknown to the galaxy for many years until recently...

Return to duty- Overall Command of ForcesEdit

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Vladimir Tarkin VI

To find an Empire in shambles, ran out of its previous strongholds in the Core sector, his beloved Core sector, Tarkin returned with his mysterious cargo in clutch, his new technological advantage and his prior stature making him a shoe-in to retake the title of Moff he appointed himself to when nobody was looking as the old Fel Empire tore itself apart, actually being appointed to Grand Moff in this time of dire crisis when the Empire's enemies had them at the throat... the enemies of the Empire would never suspect he had returned, much less that he had plans, much less what those plans were... but soon those who had opposed the Empire would feel his fury made manifest, as their outlying outposts near to Imperial space increasingly went dark at random intervals, only to be found bombarded by unknown yet extremely powerful heavy weapons. Currently, he spends his time in constant work to rebuild the Imperial Army he loved so much... very much to the detriment of all who oppose Imperial justice and order, though they would not find that out until it was far too late to stop him.