Korva Nightwing "White"Edit

Korva, also known better simply as " White" , was a very powerful Sephi female (mostly), born on Thustra into a very powerful royal family that governed over a small providence and was the heir next in line for the throne, making her a princess. After the death of her parents she moved away from that life to seek a new one, becoming a very powerful criminal under the infamous Sihivus Verne. Her parents were both Sith Lords and taught her the ways of the force so she was often known to use her force abilities to better control and shape the criminal underworld she was part of, becoming infamous for it.

White is considered pure lawful evil, White is a demented, intellectual mastermind that hides her insanity behind a mask of elegance and class. While she is very collected and will follow the rules or laws of a planet, She is absolutely sadistic in nature, often taking joy in watching her victims suffer before she mercilessly kills them, planning carefully to avoid any trouble from the law she may get in, like a perfect crime lord, so that she has nothing tied to her name in the end. She gets away with whatever she pleases. White carries a massive ego to match her titanic lust for power and her skills. She possess sardonic wit along with her ego, only adding salt to the wounds she causes. To make matters worse, White is also highly intelligent, calm and collected, always knowing just what to do in any situation and exactly what buttons to push to weaken her foes. She is always plotting, watching, waiting for the perfect time to strike. She is the perfect cool and calm psychopath,Appearing to her enemies to be nothing more than a pretty face before unleashing a perfect storm of insults and precision guided blows. She is a unpredictable and highly dangerous villain that always knows what she is doing, often operating as a cold machine rather than letting emotions get in the way.

White's most predominant trait is that she does all of this with a sort of elegant class that could be viewed as very pretentious, arrogant, and vain in her mannerisms. She is so confident in her skills and work that she has grown immune to knowing the taste of defeat, though not invincible. This is an obvious weakness in her character and can be exploited, She can easily underestimate her enemy if not careful. She reacts violently to criticism and does not tolerate being told no. What makes her especially dangerous is her ability to manipulate and deceive those around her, bending them to her will, only to trick or use them as a tool for personal gain.

Although completely cold-hearted, she seems to respect only two things in her life time, Her parents and her current employer Verne. Verne's ideals rubbed her in all the right ways it would seem, enough so that she has bowed to her, serving her purpose as her right hand.

It is up to speculation as to why White is so incredibility pretentious and vain, but the main theory is thought to be because of her royalty. As a princess she was often spoiled, this most likely created her large ego. They say that White is so vain and sadistic that she has been known to bathe in the blood of her enemies and keep severed heads on display in her chambers. White has also been seen brushing her hair while she was killing innocent slaves with her other hand, draining them of life with red lightening from her finger tips.

In short White is a extremely brilliant yet demented sadistic killer with loads of talent and skill making her extremely dangerous.

"Oh... My playthings break... so easily..."

— White torturing some pour soul to death


White was born and bred on Thustra, the homeworld of the Sephi. She was born into a royal family, her father and mother were the king and queen of their nation, making her a princess. Both parents were grey force users, and taught their daughter everything they knew about using and controlling the force within her. White was born with a very high Midi-chlorian count, making her extremely powerful, but does not have a mastering of her force powers yet, her skills are only adept, however instead of using the force alone, she also chooses to wield a wide array of weapons such as blasters, sabers, grenades and other devices making White a versatile combatant, able to use all sorts of weapons expertly. White is a jack of all trades, but master of none.

White's parents were assassinated in their sleep sometime in her young adulthood, forcing the princess to take up the throne, but she refused. Wanting to remove painful memories of her beloved parents, so she decided to leave her home world and search for new beginnings. Being an expert in combat, the only skill she had, she figured the best place to offer her services was the Hutt Moon; Nar Shaddaa. With all the gang wars present there, it was an ideal place to make money to support herself, even though the Princess could be as well off as she wanted with her riches at home, she wanted to leave that part of her life behind for good.

Around this time is when White came into contact with Sihivus Verne and her Imperious crime syndicate, She was approached by Verne and offered a job doing exactly what she wanted to do. Putting her skill in combat to use, working as a mercenary, then an assassin for the gang, rising through the ranks until becoming closely involved in Verne's inner circle, eventually becoming Verne's personal body guard, her voice, her blade, and second in command. White now resides on Nar Shaddaa and can typically be found in Verne's presence. She has proclaimed her loyalty to her new boss, taking quite a liking to the crime lord. White's personality has never permitted her to bow to anyone before, but for due to Verne's vision, influence, and power, White chooses to respect and bow to her, vowing to serve her eternally.

White, in her youth, suffered a critical wound to her back and lungs during a fight, she was stabbed through part of her spine and through her left lung. This has left not only physical scaring on her back and torso but a mental scar, a blow to her ego. White is forced to wear either a re-breather or a medical rig connected onto her back, latched on to her armor that assists her breathing. With out these White suffers from asthmatic attacks, she will choke and die within minutes if not given a breathing augment. This also is one of her weaknesses. If this device is cut or damaged she could lose control of her breathing, she'd most likely panic and flail around for help. The surgery has left her voice a bit raspy and sickly sounding, as well coughing fits from time to time.

"Y-yess, Well....It matters not, It is in the past."

— White attempting to put her parent's death behind her


White joined Imperious after being approached by Verne personally after she learned that White possessed powerful potential and skills that could be useful to her campaign on Nar Shaddaa. White was taken in by the woman's charm, ideals, money, but mostly her vision. After climbing through the ranks, White eventually became Verne's most trusted employee. She was made Verne's personal guard, A director of Imperious and an overseer of security. Among these duties White is also tasked with carrying out Verne's personal demented agenda; spreading her voice across Nar Shaddaa, mostly White is ordered to carry out executions, murders, assassinations, and other violent jobs. She has literally become a tool for her to rely on. Acting as Verne's shield and sword. Recently Verne promoted White and has trusted her with taking control of Verne's assets, as the company became too massive for Verne to handle on her own, with bases and assets spread across the galaxy now, some reaching as far as Bakura, it was only natural that Verne would entrust her new go-to girl. Along with this, White also oversees Verne's private security force, known as; "The Opressors". Working as their direct commander. White's position is comparable to a General in a military setting. White has been placed in charge of nearly half of Imperious' main force and been trusted with a quater of Verne's fleets, encompassing nearly 40 vessles. White has her own personal Frigate named "the Crosswind" from which she can command her section of the fleet or plan attacks from. White often resides on this ship, using it as a mobile residence or base.   

"I guess since I was trained by my mother and father. I came from a royal family...They taught me everything they know but one day they were assassinated. I was offered the throne, being the princess and all, but I left home. left everything behind, I couldn't be there anymore..I took the skills I was taught and brought them to this forsaken rock. People pay big money for skilled fighters with all these gang wars going on. Finding work wasn't hard."

— White explaining her reason for coming to Nar Shaddaa.

These days, White still serves as Verne's personal guard known as an "Imperious Blade" the Blades are elite warriors and Verne's most trusted members within her inner circle. They are always present when Verne makes a public appearence. The Blades are so elite and rare that there are only two currently, One of which is White herself. 

Fighting StyleEdit

White has no formal style, despite being trained by her parents who where Sith. She hates following an order, Jedi or Sith, and instead follows pure chaos when in a conflict. Instead of a saber style or form, she makes rapid sporadic slashes that make her an unpredictable opponent. She uses explosive emotional force auras and will fight out of pure anger and bloodlust letting it take over. This can be a massive advantage..but also a massive weakness too.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Battle Ready

White prepares for a show down

White is adept in most force abilities, mostly relying on the dark side of the force rather than the light side, however she is not considered a Sith or a dark side user, She is more of a grey force user than anything else. She is not into serving an order or aligning herself to any particular side unless it pays well or benefits her directly. While adept in the force, she actually is equally skilled in using various other weapons, She is an expert marksmen with a knowledge of lightsabers, and blaster operations and functions. White has several predominate skills, lightsaber/sword play, Manipulating the force around her, Perception, Deception/Manipulation, and Dexterity. She is able to detect and deflect incoming attacks and move around with acrobatic abilities, striking with expert level precision and force.
Force Lightening
Force lightening is a staple of a dark side user, sending screeching bolts of high energy lightening toward an enemy, disabling their movements for a short period and causing minor wounds. White mostly uses this to stun enemies so she can gain an advantage over them rather than using it for raw damage.
Force Choke
White is no stranger to this technique, an ego such as hers cannot be contained, choking someone while she rants to them, forcing them to listen and savoring the sounds of her victim choking.
Force Drain
White can has been known to torture her victims and drain their life force from their body, feeding it to her own. This works much like force lightening but the bolts are blood red, running from the victim back into her finger tips rather than vice versa.
White is manipulative enough with the force to change the wills, and ways of her enemies if they be weak-minded enough. In one instance she forced someone to pull a blaster to their mouth and pull the trigger.
White has studied some pyromancy and is able to control conditions in the air with the force to create sparks, small flames, explosive bursts and even a flamethrower.


Whites Saber

White's Saber

White has a set of very powerful and very ancient power armor that she uses quite often in any sort of battle scenario she has time to prepare for. This suit is massive, sleek and black, decorated in Sephiari markings all over and trimmed in gold. This suit can block heavy blaster fire but is still susceptible to saber cuts. The suit augments her movements and strength, adding to it and amplifying her force abilities. It also features a set of menacing power claws she keeps electrified with her own force lightening, using them to rend foes. While this suit is a powerhouse, it can easily be disabled by damaging the large power supply on the back. This armor is large and not preferred by White unless she feels she absolutely needs it.

White is typically found in a long black coat with a form fitting leather suit underneath, The suit may appear to be normal clothing but is actually a light armor, made of synthweaves. It can protect from some small bolts or light pistol fire but is not made for heavy combat of any sort, However the light form fitting design allows White to move freely adding to her agile factor.

Whites power armor

White's suit of power armor.

White's saber was passed down from her mother. It is of Sephiari design and features double blades, with an extra long reach to keep her enemies at bay rather than going with full attacks. This allows White to oversize her ranged attacks, such as force lightening or throwing her saber, White prefers Sith sorcery than being up close. White's sabers have two orange-yellow blades produced from a very ancient stone known as Lorrdian, which gives the user an exceptional ability to deflect blaster bolts and defend against incoming danger.