Early LifeEdit

Wilhelm started out poor, his father had died serving for the Empire, leaving Wilhelm and his mother to poverty in a crummy apartment building on Coruscant. Wilhelm attended school for general education and kept decent grades, his mother worked as a nurse in a medical clinic. Though hard times were ahead of him, his mother had been killed in a shuttle crash, Wilhelm had been only 17, he was forced to get a job at a local convenient store to pay rent he had still been attending his last year of school.

Imperial DaysEdit


Wilhelm on Tarkin's Fang in Storm Commando armor.

Once he was finished with his required schooling he went straight to a recruiting office and enlisted as an Imperial Stormtrooper. After Coruscant was taken by the Revenant Armada Wilhelm was assigned to various planets, the would fall apart then piece back together, this happened many times in Wilhelm's Imperial career, when he was stationed on Tarkin's Fang, he made it up to the rank of Warrant officer, he was then assigned to the Imperial Anti-Rebellion task force, there he worked to prevent uprisings of the People's Galactic Alliance and other rebellion groups. The Empire had collapsed again and a few years later he joined the Imperial Remnant as an Ensign for the Navy, he worked in the Naboo system until the Imperial Remnant moved in on Iridonia, Wilhelm was tired of the Imperial way of life and he left.

Mercenary WorkEdit

Wilhelm had decided to utilize his training as a soldier and involved himself in Mercenary work he purchased a Wide-brimmed hat and goggles to conceal his face and invested in some generic armor to protect him, business went well for him and he had been making quite a few credits. After a while jobs seemed to get repetitive and he was starting to disagree with some of the missions morally he decided that mercenary work was not for him and took the remaining credits to travel the galaxy and enjoy life for a few years.