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Udesla Lt
X-8846 "Raven"
Biographical Information


Physical Description

Human (Clone)




1.83m (6' 0")

Skin color


Eye color
  • Cybernetic Left Eye
  • Orange contact for the Right
Hair color


  • Cybernetic left eye
  • Cybernetic left forearm
Chronological Information

Post-Legacy era


Grand Army of the Republic

  • Executive Officer
  • Head Drill Instructor
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private
Known masters
Known apprentices
OOC Information



XxemoboyxX Channira


The life of a Bakuran clone of the Grand Army of the Republic is no uncommon story to the people of Bakura, and to some of the galaxy. This tale is an account of one such clone of their faction for the secure purposes of those intrigued with his civility, motivation, and ultimately his humanity. 

In this case we look to the life of one known by his comrades and fellow Grand Army troops as Lieutenant X-8846 “Raven”. As most clones, he was already a fully grown man when first experiencing life; so he never knew of the world as a boy or infant. His training in the military group of The Grand Army was strict, and those around him who were experienced made it apparent that his attitude needed to be stern and disciplined. In this, some may have called his experience among his clone brothers bullying or something similar. This experience toughened the new member of the Grand Army, and pressed him to take on a durasteel skin of sorts emotionally and press onward as a soldier. This attitude drove his success to reach his goals, and have his name known. 

His pod brother Knuckles were in most senses of the term his closest aspect to that of a biological brother. His go to man, and his confidant in all things related to training and otherwise. The only other individuals Raven came to know as family were others within the army known by the nicknames Wraith, Snooper, Bones, and Havoc. These dedicated few were in portions of the Grand Army such as the Arc troopers, Zeta Squad, 724th platoon, and the 501st platoon. These platoons among the Grand Army were specialized for certain mission agenda, and in this Raven became known to the men he eventually became close to. 

It was in his start among them that he entered into a part of the army known as the Alpha Squad Marines. The Alpha Marines were sanctioned to more distinct mission objectives, and after several months of working among them Raven had decided he wished to get a more front-line type of experience. It was with this decision he left the Alpha Squad, and then moved to the 724th platoon in a squad known as Gamma. This squad at the time was where Knuckles was a part of, and in that time with them Knuckles saw his pod brother grow as a soldier. Raven had entered from alpha squad to gamma to do his best to eventually take the position of his brother Knuckles, and in that it is still unknown as to the eventuality. Though in the first several months in Gamma Squad Raven learned the fundamentals of what it means to be a leader, and with that he grew ever closer to his goals.  

During the events of The Uvena Prime rebellion where the natives of the planet along with allies from the Grand Army of the Republic, Grand Fleet of the New Republic, certain Mandalorian clans, and also some members of certain Jedi orders Raven was a part to defeat the Revenant Armada. He had a part in the assault against the Revenant Armada during the second day of the battling to which after a third day of battles the rebellion succeeded, and all allies returned home. Raven had also been present at the second day of battling at a conflict on Rhelg where the Trayus Sith along with their allies fought members of the GAR, and their allies. 

This time in service did not go without dire consequence as Raven had gained a few injures. Among these were one scar from his lip to cheek from a Sith who wielded a lightwhip, and whom had taken Raven captive for interrogation. The scar he earned is now proof that he survived such an interaction, and also had not given away the data that was sought. Secondly, Raven also dons an injured eye which was result of shrapnel from a grenade he tossed as a last ditch to save his platoon by exploding a blast door.

The damaged eye now has a patch over it while the other that was not as injured now has a contact on it. Due to his service and his injures in duty Raven was awarded a purple-heart medal, and also a bravery medal for saving his platoon. Along with graduating his training he was given a graduation medal along with a sharpshooter’s medal which he had earned as well. 

X-8846 being his clone serial number, Raven is now known by many of the GAR as Lieutenant or Sir, but to those who know of him personally he is brother, friend, and comrade. In his action as a soldier and a patriot his name has and will move onward for years to come. After several years of having the patch for an eye placement, Raven finally got a permanent implant which now a scar rests across the eye from the extensive surgery he went under. Shortly after that time, Raven was finally promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and currently serving as the Udesla Executive Officer.

For his service to the grand army Raven was granted the rank of Captain.

Service Record Edit

  1. (former) 21st Marine Tau Squad Private
  2. (former) 21st Marine Alpha Squad Corporal
  3. (former) 724th Gamma Squad Sergeant
  4. (Current) Udesla Executive Officer

Personality and TraitsEdit

X-8846 is a loyal and brash clone, out on other worlds he usually is on his best behavior always trying to be diplomatic. When he is with his brothers the story is very different due to his relation to knuckles he adopted the harsh attitude of an officer and makes that clear when he is training new clones or lower ranks.



  • GAR Standard Mk. XII Katarn armor (with corresponding features).
  • JT-12 Jet pack
  • Modified E-11 Blaster Carbine.
  • ES-62 Recon Rifle.
  • Thermal Detonator.
  • Pulse Detonator.
  • Medium Length Grapple Hook.
  • Binders


  • GAR Standard Mk.XII Katarn Armor (with corresponding features.)
  • GAR Issued Battle Dress Uniform Urban Camo (when not in armor)
  • GAR Issued Dress Uniform (when not in armor)
  • DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Runes and Raven
A-7001 "Runes" and X-8846 "Raven"
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