The XF-35 prototype starfighter was designed and built by Velmoran Military Engineering Works. The XF-35, while it saw limited actual use, was the immediate precursor to the Vev series of interceptors.


The XF-35 was a small fighter, with much of its length due to the size of its main cannon and engine-mounted radiator panels, which rotated to serve as steering vanes in atmospheric flight, while weak electromagnetic fields generated by the fins helped to redirect the flow of thrust from the engine nacelles. These in combination with the experimental X-1 fusial thrust engines provided for speed and maneuverability well above the average standard. This required a proportionally massive power supply, and three small reactors power the vessel, one for each main engine and its secondary engine, and one for the main cannon, dubbed during conception as the "very" light turbolaser, another experimental design that provided the XF-35 with the capability of inflicting a great deal of damage after a few shots of the weapon, by which time its attack run would have ended as it escaped into hyperspace, negating the need for further use of the weapon. This was purely theoretical, but for this reason the cannon was equipped with only enough power for three shots, after which its power cells were expended. For the fighter's own defense, it was also equipped with two relatively weak blaster cannons.



The XF-35 was a working prototype developed for field testing, and so possessed numerous bugs and imperfections, some of which would be carried over to the CB/I-16 Vev itself, but served primarily to illustrate the feasibility of the concept of the "cruiser-buster" role, that was, to take a traditional interceptor and augment its firepower to increase the lethality of brief but devastating hit-and-run attacks on large, vital, but most importantly, unsuspecting targets.

Xf35 002

The XF-35 prototype, precursor to the Vev series

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