The XF-37 prototype starfighter was designed and built by Velmoran Military Engineering Works. The XF-37 was part of VMEW's first push to develop viable starfighters before the RLF/Imperial war, and represented an attempt at producing a heavy starfighter. While the design proved to be adequate, and it was one of the few prototypes to be fielded successfully in combat before any production, the inherent slow speed of the design was regarded as too costly a price to pay for its armament and its development was continually suspended in favor of other projects. It did end up becoming a vague basis in design for another prototype, the XF-39. After the rise of the PGA, it was occasionally revived and shelved again. While never officially brought to an end, it is unlikely the fighter will ever see full production.


The XF-37 was a heavy startfighter intended to be deployed against large targets, alongside lighter fighters which would defend it. It was a relatively slow craft in comparison to most of VMEW's other designs, but had thick armor, heavy shields, and sported a loadout of weapons with substantially high yields, butting it on par almost with larger gunships.



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The XF-37

The XF-37 was produced more or less concurrently with the XF-35 and XF-38 prototypes, component to a VMEW program pursuing a departure from ground and support vehicles into purely combat-capable spacecraft. It was specifically meant to be deployed alongside the XF-35 production fighters which would go on to be mass-produced, and models were also sent, tentatively, to the RLF for field testing against the Consortium. While the results from the combat trials were generally positive, the expense of the fighter in comparison to the other two prototypes and its marginal relevance to conflicts where few heavy targets presented themselves saw VMEW's enthusiasm dwindle to almost nothing. The fighter prototypes saw use by the RLF in their limited numbers but were overshadowed by the emerging Vev and Xesh fighters. They were deployed until around the time of the Onderon invasion at the outset of the RLF/Imperial war, at which time most of the prototypes in the hangar of the Onderon palace were destroyed while inactive by the Imperial occupiers. Due to its success it was kept on the back burner as more development was poured into the XF-35 and XF-38, the future Vev and Xesh respectively, but it was clear when those went into full production that the XF-37 project was dead. It stayed in limbo for several years until an increase in defense spending by the PGA gave VMEW the mobility to pursue the project again. It was redesigned, though never officially re designated, the second prototype was simply termed the XF-37 Mk.II. That too was eventually abandoned in favor of the LPC-7 Hermit missile cruiser which entered production around that time. Several XF-37s still exist in design labs, but they are kept more for sentimental reasons than for any indication of their eventual adoption.

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The revived XF-37 developed through funding by the PGA senate.

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