The XF-43 prototype starfighter was designed and built by Velmoran Military Engineering Works. While it was ultimately not adopted, it was a close predecessor towards the eventual PF-1 Aurek fighter.


The XF-43 was the first fighter in VMEW's Aurek program to adopt the combination of heavy laser cannons and light ion cannons, while it retained the dual torpedo launchers of the previous prototypes from the XF-40's leading to that point. It featured an expanded sensor suite, high-efficiency engines, and mounted its laser and ion weapons on pylons to help minimize interference with the fighter's sensitive scanners. It possessed moderate speed and armor, but featured tough shields, and its combination of characteristics saw its approval through the design process to the next stage, the XF-44.



After receiving approval on the tentative XF-42 design, the Xesh team began producing a prototype to succeed the previous offering. They worked through the first days of the PGA's creation and didn't deliver their prototype until some time after the republic's first elections, but what they delivered was well-received. Chancellor Horten, personally attended some of their demonstrations and offered suggestions towards the final product. In the course of several revisions as they refined the design, the team moved on to the next stage of the prototype, the XF-44.

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The XF-43, the first physical step towards what would become the famous Aurek fighter.

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