The XF-44 was a prototype starfighter designed by VMEW. While almost indistinguishable from the PF-1 Aurek starfighter the PGA adopted, it was still considered a prototype even after small numbers were produced for use in military field operations until it could be replaced by official revised and adopted models after its full production.


The XF-44 was an amalgamation of all of the lessons from the failures, successes, and advice given from previous efforts in the Space Superiority Program, or Aurek Program, determined by VMEW during the rise of the RLF and its successor, the PGA. It mounted light ion cannons on pylons that retracted for storage, and emerged for use without threatening the fighter's advanced sensors. High-yield medium laser cannons were mounted on wings that featured folding radiator panels to cope with the engines' and shield generators' high output. It also integrated an advanced astromech droid which was mounted internally, and generally preferring the use of the MR2 series of repair droids.



The after revisions on the XF-43, the Xesh team concluded with limited production of the XF-44 for the purpose of field testing, and presented the models to Chancellor Horten, Secretary of Transportation and Ikest Industries owner Grunda Ikest, and a squadron of prototypes to the newly christened Emerald Squadron of the GAR's 333rd naval division. The prototypes were a resounding success in extended field testing, and recalled the earlier Xesh 2s in their success even through multiple rigorous, real combat conditions against Imperial Remnant and Sith forces. Horten approved the design for use by the PGAF naval forces,pending official extension of funding from the PGA senate, and once the Senate approved the defense bill authorizing their purchase, the XF-44, with minimal modifications, went on to be adopted as the PF-1 Aurek Space Superiority Starfighter.

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