Xaneth Rayern is a human male from the Post-Legacy era.


Early lifeEdit

Originally born on Serenno to a Sith Father & non-Force wielding Mother, he grew up in relatively good surroundings. However when he was young he was forced into training by his Father in the Darkside of the Force. Taking him to Korriban, Xaneth's Father oversaw his Sons training, until Xaneth reached adulthood. It was around this time, at roughly the age of 19 that Xaneth's Father was killed in battle by the Jedi & their Republic Forces. Upon hearing the news, Xaneth flew into a rage & vowed revenge on the Jedi for the slaying if his Father. This led him to leave Korriban early, not completing his training & heading for Coruscant, while sending his Mother home to Serenno.

On his way to Coruscant however, he heard rumour of a Sith Order based on Mos Entha.

It wasn't long before he redirected himself to the spaceport on Tattooine, and sought out this new Order. The order was known as the Nicht'Ka. He spent a while there as an Acolyte, furthering his training whilst planning his revenge on the Jedi, and refining his talents as an infiltrator, managing to gain a place within another Sith Order on Tattooine, the Disciples of Ragnos

After a while the Nicht'Ka dissolved, its founding members dissapearing to unknown regions of the Galaxy. It was around this time Xaneth became aware of a Sith known as Darth Veka . He tracked her down to a remote planet in Sith Space called Rhelg, where upon finally meeting her, secured a spot at Trayus as a student.  Xaneth never returned to Tattooine, and left the DoR Order behind.