"Do not let my death be your death to the Light Side, master."

— Xhal Tee's Force ghost to Needo Guisse

Xhal Tee was a Twi'lek Padawan to Jedi Master Needo Guisse in the waking days of the Sith–Imperial War.


Six months after her birth, Xhal's family had left their homeworld Ryloth in order to search the stars for a new home. While traveling, the family's transport was attacked and boarded by a band of pirates. With both her parents dead, Xhal and her sister were at the mercy of the scoundrels until, by chance, the esteemed Jedi Master Pin Tuca appeared and slew the attackers. Discovering the two infants to be Force-sensitive, Tuca took them to the Ossus Jedi Temple where they were given new names and placed into a clan with other Jedi Initiates. Growing up separately from each other, both girls passed through the Temple academy after completing their Trials. Ready to become an apprentice, Xhal was noticed by Master Needo Guisse, who selected her to become his Padawan. During her training, Guisse showed her the Form VI of lightsaber combat, Niman. Guisse Formed an intense parental bond with the girl.

In 127 ABY, as part of her trials to knighthood, Xhal was sent to Nar Shaddaa to escort a youngling back to the Temple and her master accompanied her to ascertain the condition of her mission. There they discovered that the youngling Xhal had to escort back to the Temple was, in fact, dead. While making their way back to the upper levels the couple witnessed Lord Dragonash pursuing Pauna Xenga, (unknowingly to them) a member of the Black Sun. They intervened and pulled Pauna into their speeder.

After learning about why Pauna was being pursued, and realizing that Dragonash was catching up to her, Needo Guisse leaped from his speeder onto Dragonash's speeder bike to allow the Xhal to escape with Pauna.

While being escorted by Xhal, Pauna revealed herself to be linked to the Black Sun. Soon Xhal found out that the she was the responsible for the youngling death and decided to put her under arrest. More skilled and experienced, Pauna reacted and killed Xhal with her retractable combat claws in the rapid fight that followed.

One week late, a faint Force Ghost of Xhal appeared to Needo Guisse in Ossus and told him what happened to her. For the next two years Guisse, struggling to control his emotions because of the lost of his beloved padawan, started to track Pauna all through the Outer Rim.