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Xoza grew up spending most his youth with his father on Noval Shadow Alpheridies studying and aiming to join the Jedi with his mother when he became old enough.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lightsaber TrainingEdit

Originaly specialized in combat against lightsaber users as a Teräs Käsi when he was younger but took up lightsaber use for a short time on his journy after 2 BBY then took it up again after joining the Telos Jedi Order in 218 ABY. Because of his unarmed training he generaly uses Form IV: Ataru or Form VII: Juyo combined with unexpected unarmed attacks with the vibrobladded hilt or other.

Xoza - "Draw on the force within you, not from around you. Only then can you be one with the force and the blur of your blade. Existing in both time and space."

Force AbilitiesEdit

Because of his ability to see though the force Xoza quickly became a master force manipulator to microscopic scales. This ability allowed him to manipulate the force in any way to his will, as well as predict future events with accuracy. Besides the most common abilities force users are capable of, Xoza took a likeness to the more rare abilities though he hardly ever used them. A few more commonly used abilities is a pulse or spear like force lightning he can hurl from his arms, a manipulated ray ability used to enhance armor and weapon usage, as well a bulk of mind manipulation techniques. Because of his beliefs no power he uses is light or dark, however most offensive powers contain electrical elements and fume with a light side aura.

  • Force Sight/Sense
  • Force Lightning/Kinetite/Ionize
  • Hassat-durr
  • Force Cloak
  • Alter Environment
  • Midi-chlorian manipulation
  • Art of the Small
  • Control Pain
  • Malacia
  • Mind Shard
  • Sever Force
  • Force Drain
  • Drain Knowledge
  • Force Breach
  • Force Light
  • Force Ray
  • Force Weapon
  • Shatterpoint
  • Force Reflex/Inertia
  • Precognition/Farsight



Xoza can easily be identified as others have called him in the past "The White Jedi" by his choice of white clothing or armor. His armor is a lightweight reflective weave still in testing phases. The armor has several noticable built in features including a jet pack, cloaking system, wrist blaster and high intensity vibro claws. Aside from what he's wearing he generaly carries a rolled pouch full of chemical compounds for various uses, bacta, spices & others. In addition, his arm cybernetics allow him improved arm strength as well as his embedded nano circuitry allows for regenerative properties, pain dampening and more.

Lightsaber & WeaponsEdit

Xoza's current lightsaber was originaly his uncle Jerec's found within the Valley of the Jedi before the Telos IV Empire War. Currently modified, within occupies one Solari Crystal of two he was given by his father. The blade glows between a silver teal color. A recent addition a modified wan-shen he discovered while searching more about his ancestors. The wan-shen is a halberd type vibro axe generaly lightweight and easily broken down to be used in pieces or together. These belonged were the weapons of choice for the Matukai a small group of lightsided force users.



  • Shadow - The first designed custom heavy fighter used in early years with features such as cloaking, hyperspace, heavy armor and weapons.
  • Stealth - A new line of fighter classification specifically designed for the Teräs Käsi Order. Any fighter of this class has features such as cloaking, target detonation, warning systems, remote control and high maneuverability controls.
  • Shadow Bomber - A stealthdesign medium fighter capable of carrying five people, including heavier armor and projectile armaments such as missiles, mines, and bombs.
  • Swarm Fighter - A small, very light and extremely fast agile fighter developed by selected engineers for custom order.
  • Terra IV - A light fighter developed for Onderon forces.


  • Desulstra Buran - A first of three Medium Frigate based off aquired Star Forge technology this one being the Medium Armored Research Vessal.
  • Ankara Myrsky - A larger redesign of the Buran hidden in unknown region of space.


  • Luxury Yacht - I small ship generaly used for travel or residence, commonly used as a remote descrete base of operations.

Accomplishments HeldEdit


Prior SL information exists but not included.

  • Served in the Temple Telos War.
  • Assisted in the collection of artifacts for the ExplorCorps.
  • Earned the rank of Jedi Knight and Jedi Master.
  • Assisted Morpheus in gaining access to the Valley of the Jedi.
  • Resurected the fallen Grey Jedi Atticus Jetaime.
  • Served in the Underground Telos War, defeating the clone Morpheus; along side Atticus on the Star Forge.
  • Created the Galactic Jedi Council allowing other order masters to be on the council.
  • Served City Telos as city rebuilder and architect.
  • Assisted in the resurection of the Manaan Kolto Project.
  • Fought against the Empire in protection of the Onderon people.
  • Stripped the trapped Soul of Evu Kaji from Darth Melanchol.
  • Took the possition of an Onderon Watchman and Advisor to the Royal Throne.


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Other Edit

  • A Star Wars Alliance Founder.
  • A Galactic Unity Founder.
  • Galactic Unity / Star Wars Alliance DCS2 Configuration Manager & Scripter.
  • Assisted in the creation of GU Movies.
  • Assisted in the creation and operation of many simwide Plots, RP events and more.

Quotes Edit

Xoza - The best way to learn will be the hardest way. Once you are broken, you will only grow in strength. If you do not, you will die by your own hand.