Yoki Lightfoot was a Jazbinan, female Jedi Master and Council Master of the Ac'Trayth Jedi Order.

Character BiographyEdit

She started out on Endor in the 1st Knights of the Old Republic ranking to Knight. She then moved to Telos IV to where Master Prevost raised a new birth of Knights of the Old Republic from within the order she was made to Jedi Master. Few Months later she was accepted into the High Council.

She had currently moved to Va'art to bring forth the rise of Jedi of the Ac'trayth with Master Hykova and Master Kohime.

With then current events of the Empire she and the other members of the order were then seeking a place to call home once again.

Captured and brought forth to Lady Chaos and Krilonos (apprentice to Lady Keres). Shackled and tortured by the force Krilonos placed her body in ashes with strong use of force lightening. May force be with her always.