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Yom Nole is a gray furred Amaran from Corellia and is currently living in orbit above Gromas 16

Biography Edit

((the following is based on speculation of Amarans and a few of our own ideas for the purpose of our role plays and Role Play background development, it is not completely cannon and may contradict what others have speculated. ))

On Naboo, Yom Nole was born in the year 96 ABY with a rare genetic disorder found only in a few hundred Amarans in the galaxy; rather than the ordinary orange, he was born with grey fur. In Amaran mythology, grey fur is a sign of the carrier to be a descendant of a feared demon and so, not very long after his birth, Yom was taken to a swamp where he was to be sacrificed. After he was left there to be dealt with by the will of the planet, he was discovered by a travelling Gungan merchant who, ignorant of the genetic anomaly and Amaran superstition, believed Yom to be just another furry animal. Thinking the creature would fetch a decent price, the Gungan took Yom to Theed to be sold with the rest of his merchandise. Once there and prepared for business, the Gungan was approached by a Corellian family vacationing on Naboo. Upon hearing that they were browsing for souvenirs of their trip, the Gungan offered the Amaran infant as a pet. Luckily for Yom, Venn Nole, the head of the family, instantly recognized the species of the baby and persuaded the Gungan to hand him over. Immediately, they attempted to return Yom to his original family, but with no success: the superstition of Yom's fur drove the family out of every Amaran village they entered. Within the few days that Yom was in their care, Venn's wife, Geevee, fell in love with the baby and eventually convinced her husband to adopt him into their family. He was named Yom, after the great grandfather of Geevee.

Yom's stepparents ran a small electronics store in the small town they lived in, which was located just outside of Coronet. By the time Yom was old enough to walk, he was the most popular member of his neighborhood - since most people on Corellia had never seen an Amaran at that age, he was instantly paid much attention, a result that both Yom and his brother, Damian, disliked. When he and his brother attended school, Yom again became renown, not just for his humiliatingly adorable looks, but for his surprising intelligence and his, at times, unusually aggressive behavior. He soon became notorious for getting into fights and heated arguments and school, doing almost anything necessary to win. One infamous argument over Yom's athletic ability led him to attempt to prove himself, the result of which left him with a broken leg.

His life on Corellia was typical of that of a Corellian child and teenager. Much to his parents' disappointment, he joined the Fel Empire for a few years during his early adult life. His parents died a year after his return - the electronics shop survived another year after before Yom and his stepbrother became too overwhelmed and were forced to close. After Damian ran away, Yom took jobs designing and testing star fighter components for various companies. While testing a hyperdrive for a two-person fighter, a miscalculation caused him to fly too close the gravitational pull of Tatooine, thus activating the hyperdrive safety system before it shutdown - the sudden pull out of hyperspace destroyed most of the systems of the ancient fighter craft and he soon was pulled into the atmosphere of the desert planet. Luckily, the safety system remained intact, functioning well enough to save him from dying in a violent crash. Hours later, Yom awoke and abandoned the vessel, setting out to find the closest thing to civilization that Tatooine had to offer, Mos Eisley Space Port. Only having enough credits for a few weeks of food, he took a poor-paying job at the local hotel as a security guard utilizing the basic fighting skills he had learned from his few years in the military. After a while of working at the hotel, Yom met a Mandalorian by the name of Tyro. Tyro eventually convinced him to become a Mandalorian and taught him everything he knew. Yom quickly learned and impressed Tyro with how quickly he forged his armor, giving it a grey and blue color scheme.

Yom later met Ne'tra, a Lepi and a fellow Mandalorian. They fell in love and ultimately married. Despite the genetic differences between them, they had three children: twins of both genders and later, a daughter. Needless to say, they caught the attention of the town and a few passing scientists, all of whom were bewildered by their unusual breeding.

His family’s happiness didn’t last long. When his second daughter reached five years of age, she met a very tragic end. While he was working on his armor, his daughter, Sama’tha, wondered out into the Dune Sea, where she found a group of Bothans doing spice in a remote camp site. One suffering heavily from the effects of the narcotics shot and killed Yom’s daughter. Panicked by their friend’s actions, they quickly tried to remove the evidence of their friend’s crime, burning her carcass in a fire and running off to hide in a nearby sand crawler. Sensing some thing was wrong, Yom set out to fine the cause of the unusual anxiety, where almost a mile away from the town he found the remains of his daughter. After hours of grieving over the loss, he found the footprints of those previously at the camp; he followed them to the sand crawler and violently interrogated them before they told him where to find the one who killed his daughter. Yom tracked the Bothan and mortally wounded him, but before he could inflict the killing blow, he left the murderer to the mercy of the Imperials upon their approach.

Ne'tra's and Kia'ra's deaths were just as sudden. Though their bodies were both found in space in their destroyed ships, the causes of death remain a mystery - it was determined to be the result of a pirate attack or a ship malfunction. Kandosii's passing was the only one that did not greatly affect Yom - he died in the heat of battle; the way a Mandalorian was supposed to die. Despite the fact that his son had died honorably, Yom was left with a bitter sense of pride and remorse.

The sole survivor of his family, Yom soon became a hardened man, almost devoid of all sympathy and compassion. His grief and his fury were poured into combat, increasing his prowess tenfold and establishing his reputation as a feared and respected Mandalorian. With the memory’s of his family in Mos Eisley almost too painful to bare, Yom traveled all over the galaxy until he settled down for a while at a mandalorian base on the planet Xagobah, owned by close friend of his, Niv Dralshy'a, the clan Alor of her own mandalorian clan. Soon after Yom formed his own clan, calling it Ori’mareve, or Great Fists in mando’a, basing it off of his previous clan, Votino, led by Tyro, adopting in many of the members who left Votino after it disbanded, returning them to their glory they once had in Votino.

Two years after his family's death, Yom was visiting Anchorhead back on Tatooine, where he encountered an old friend of his, the Togorian/Cathar mix named Cayuga Tessa'ari (known as Tess for short). On a whim, Tess offered a friendly spar with the intent of honing her fighting skill. She eventually won the fight, leaving Yom with several painful injuries and a few broken bones. Being the medic of the Mandalorian Clan Darasuum, Tess dutifully agreed to treat her comrade's injuries, after which Yom felt a familiar emotion towards her: an emotion he had not felt since Ne'tra. He later gathered enough courage to confess his feelings to a startled Tess, who for several months denied him until she finally relented once she had come to realize that she loved him as well. After a few months of dating, Yom adopted a new set of armor, giving it the color scheme of black and green, with a yellow pauldron (In the Mandalorian culture, black symbolizes justice, green means duty and yellow represented the vengeance he swore on those who had harmed his family). Though they greatly enjoyed the intimacy they shared, Yom and Tess began to long for a child; unfortunately, their genetic compositions were far too distant for a proper conception. To solve this issue, they enlisted the aid of a Sith Alchemist they had befriended on Xagobah by the name of Lord Umbra. Through her alchemy, Umbra successfully combined their genes and impregnated Tess. With Tessa'ari at his side and a new child on the way, Yom now hopes to redeem himself, in his eyes, as a father and a husband.

Personality and Traits Edit

Aggressive, educated and serious, Yom Nole seems to be void of a sense of humor and many of his vode (comrades) find it rare for him to smile. Many consider him to have an unusual balance of good and evil. He has been known to be charitable and regarding children, he is greatly compassionate and protective - however, he has a disturbing lust for blood and death at times. Though he rarely kills, he takes some joy in eradicating his enemies, especially low-life criminals. Yom is also extremely protective of his new family, a trait learned from the demise of his first family and holds an unusual ammount of hatred for Bothans, no doubt from the bothans responsable for his daughter's death. Although he cares for few, he adores children and will risk his life to save one. From a brutal fight, he had received a nasty head injury - if he is struck on the right side of the head, without his helmet, Yom will be instantly rendered unconscious.

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