Za'hri Yven was the first Senator of Bakura to the newly formed People's Galactic Alliance.


Za'hri-belldand'i Yven was born on Arxian Major within the Hapes Cluster. Cousins to the Duchii Noble Family, The Yvens were made part of the Draconian Administrative Centre that governed the planet. Throughout her childhood she instant took interest in politics.

Despite being of bureaucratic lineage, Yven, at the age of seventeen, was in directing a small branch within the Arxian Ministry of Agriculture. In this small position, her only task was to monitor food progression and farming stability. When a situation occured that called for immediate action, Yven's decision ultimately saved a grand supply of their resources. Afterward, she rapidly climbed up to the head as the Minister of Agriculture at nineteen. 

Renowned for her ability to make quick decisions in dire events, she gradually was elected as Minster of Galactic Trade within the Hapes Cluster. At the age of twenty fived she moved to Lorell and experienced a variety of intergalactic cultures which sparked her curiousity about the rest of the galaxy. As the Minister, she governed over the Consortium, she handled foreign trade, delt with immigration and directed safe passage through the Transitory Mist. 

Within the Yven household, rumors of plots to asssinate her began to surface. Frighten by this she, she was forced to forefit her position as Minister of Galactic Trade and left her home. Exploring the Inner Rim, she met a retired Bakuran business owner vacationing on Telerath. He explained Bakura's desperate need for political guidance; the business man elaborated the desire for someone who was strong willed and could make quick, and effective decisions. Finding this a sort of 'calling', Yven's attention went to Bakura.