Zalis Cedrin (pronounced /ˈzæləs 'sɛˈdrĭn/) is a male Human Padawan of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Albeit being the son of former Jedi Knights Corran Cedrin and Valara Oonel, Zalis was given to a Herglic engineer named Oltruk and was raised on the planet Taris. Barely accepted into the Jedi Order, with his level of Force sensitivity described as "marginal", and spent his early days of training at the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad. After successfully transferring to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, Zalis completed his studies as a trainee and was assigned as Padawan to Jedi Knight Adri'lok.


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The Onderonian IncidentEdit

"Your parents, what where they like?"
You don't remember them?"
... More like I never got to know them."

— Janel'alin and Zalis Cedrin

Born on the core world of Corellia, Zalis Cedrin was the son of two Jedi Knights, Corran and Valara Oonel Cedrin. During his infancy, Zalis was kept close to his parents and accompanied them on their many missions for the Jedi Order aboard his mother's starship, the Rancor's Claw, where he was looked after by a nanny droid named Z-E.

On one particular mission, his father Corran was sent to the planet Onderon to investigate on an unusual artifact being auctioned off by an Onderonian noble. Unbeknownst to his wife at the time, Corran had been selected as a Jedi Shadow, and was ordered not to reveal the details of his mission to her. Disconcerted by her husband's sudden string of surreptitious behavior, Valara followed his starfighter to Onderon and confronted Corran at the Iziz Starport, questioning his purpose for coming to the planet.

Worried that her husband might be in trouble, Valara continued to stalk him despite being urged to stay behind. Unfortunately the couple's affair attracted some unwanted attention, that of a few local criminals under the employs of Baron Nexik. Preoccupied with keeping hidden from her husband, Valara was ambushed by the criminals. Outnumbered by her opponents, Valara engaged them briefly in a rout, but was quickly subdued and taken prisoner.

Shortly after, Valara woke and found herself inside a warehouse, her limbs cuffed securely behind her back. Just then, a splitting headache coursed through her head as something invisible raked over her conscious thoughts, stealing into her deepest and darkest of fears.

Hours had passed before Corran arrived at the warehouse, Valara's mind having been wracked over and over again by the presence of the spirit projected into her mind from the artifact nearby. After a fight ensued with Valara's captors, Corran retrieved his wife and the artifact, carrying her back to the ship. But it was already too late.

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Mynock Specimen at Endor

Cedrin on Endor

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First Lightsaber at Cave Trial

Cedrin attempting Moving Meditation

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