"Sanguinem Pro Imperium."

Rannik Nurr to Zan

Early LifeEdit

Zan Varless was born into a middle class family on Bakura. Growing up, Zan had a comfortable life. He recieved an education, and left his home trying to become a doctor for military personnel and civilians hurt and displaced by the warfare that the Galaxy was becoming so used to. He was always a well mannered, athletic individual who believed that good things happened to good people. Seeing the horrors of being on the front lines of war, however, had effected him psychologically. He would begin to think deeper into what the point of the combat and suffering was, and could not come up with a good reason. Although he kept his polite demeanor, his moral would degenerate to the point where all he could think about were ways that he could help the population of the Galaxy. Of course, as a young doctor in training, there was not much he could do on the Galactic scale, or so he thought...

Growing UpEdit

As Zan matured and grew, he began working out to make his body physically strong. At the same time, he would study into the night about politics, democratization, diplomacy and negotiation, and about propaganda to strengthen his mind. All of this with one objective in mind: to become a soldier and defend what he had come to hold so dear, his freedom. Even with all his training, he was lacking one things vital to becoming a soldier- the ability to handle a firearm. Observing how professional militaries like the Grand Army of the Republic or the Revenant Armada conducted warfare, he would learn two important things. There was strength in numbers, but also in brotherhood and honor, and that sometimes the ends justify the means. With this knowledge, in addition to his studies, he felt that it was time for him to reach out and find someone, anyone, who held the same ideas as he.

The Metus Imperia Edit

His studying and practicing did not take long to become noticed. Although he was a small time soldier with little to no money to his name, he was known for always doing what he felt was right- even if it was different with that the majority thought. He held himself to a strict set of codes that separated himself from any average soldier. He was contacted one evening by a representative offering him one thing- the chance to make a difference. He took the opportunity. It was not long before he was making an impact in the Metus Imperia's top secret OISO division.
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Metus Imperia

A Rannik Nurr offered him a position as a Metus Imperia Vanguard on the condition that his rank and file be destroyed. He would leave everything behind. He did so knowing full well that on the Galactic Scale, he could finally be able to make a difference.