Thank all of you for trying to really destroy a book in progress your comments will be documented in the book that being of children who just do not understand what this is all about. The author has now left SWRP to finish the book and to disclose how SWRP people have made life so rediculius that when the book is publish that in turn will tell the world of the ways people who have nothing better to do than destroy a wiki of a story that has been approved by the coporation of the movie. The original wiki has been preserved so now what all you are doing is showing the world how immature you are. This in turn will be publish without your ok to show what kind of peple are out there that have no lives. This wiki was for the background of the book so what you have done was only wasted your own time. Again cease and desist lawyers will be contacting you for trying to destroy somene's work to be publish.

-The Author of 3 sisters in a virtual world.

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