The zemutara music tradition is a music tradition practiced by rakian spice users in the ancient spice empire. Zemutara music is used to produce trance effects after partaking of rakian spice, during which time practitioners experience lucid visions of the future. Practitioners then believe themselves capable of influencing future events.

The zemutara tradition, along with rakian spice addiction and rakian spice psychosis, are believed to be partly responsible for the collapse of civilization in that area of the galaxy known as the ancient spice empire, located in the unknown regions.

Currently the zemutara tradtion has a growing number of adherants among the upper classes of the Empire, who partake of rakian spice in bejeweled gold spice snifters while playing or listening to zemutara musical instruments.

With the return of the spice fleet from its difficult third trade expedition, crewmembers have reported encounters with bands of spice addicts located in the deep wastelands of a desert planet known as "the dancer." These dangerous bands call themselves "Spice Jedi" and appear to follow the teachings of several spice addicted madmen.