The Zephyr-7 was a military airspeeder designed and produced by Kuat Drive Yards.


Z7 21

The C-1 cargo variant of the Zephyr-7.

The Zephyr-7 was a sturdy airspeeder designed to be adaptable, with some degree of modularity. Being a military speeder, it carried heavier armor than most speeders. A powerful reactor supported a powerful repulsorlift generator that could lift more than twice the speeder's own mass. When not used for heavy lifting, the reactor easily fed into the speeder's engines or weaponry. This array of capability resulted in a number of official variants.
Z7 3

The rear of the Zephyr-7's armed Patrol variant.

  • The Zephyr-7 CL was the stock configuration with minimal cargo carrying capacity
  • The Zephyr-7 C1 mounted an electromagnetic plate between its rear stabilizers, serving as a flatbed for enhanced, exterior cargo space
  • The Zephyr-7 C2 mounted loading doors to the C1's magnetic plate, allowing for easier vertical cargo unloading.
  • The Zephyr-7 P was a patrol variant with a double blaster turret mounted to its rear, manned by an added gunner's seat.



The Zephyr-7 was intended for the Galactic Empire during the RLF/Imperial War, after it withdrew from Iziz in the wake of the Republic Liberation Forces. KDY took cues from the RLF's own MT 85 Transport and created a craft with a modular design allowing for both logistic and tactical uses.


After KDY began producing the Zephyr-7, the RLF invaded Coruscant. The Galactic Empire was soon fractured and in disarray, and with its primary buyer gone, KDY relegated a neutered version of the Zephyr-7 to the civilian market. Negative associations with the airspeeder, largely due to its originally Imperial affiliation, caused sales to suffer, and it was soon retired.

Operational DeploymentEdit

The Zephyr-7 was barely in production before it was shut down, and only a small number are in use.

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