Autobiography by Zero Upshaw

Fathers name: Mace Upshaw Mothers name: Linda Marsha Upshaw Uncle's name: Ben Palabo (force sensitive)


I was born in the outscirts of the desert planet tatooine into a relatively poor Family. There was my uncle, my parents (mother and father) and me. My father did not get much out of his work as robot repairer because there were to many that were better than him even though the prices were a bit higher. Neither my mother got much out of her constantly changing work. My uncle, well he was allready in his 60's so no one wanted him. Well then when I was around the age of 8 it was my turn to get a bit of money. At the bar they told me I was the youngest employee they ever had but also the hardest working. Soon I was behind the bar serving and mixing all kinds of drinks.That continued until I was the age of 10 going on 11.

One day around that age (10-11) my uncle came into the bar I was working in as usual to pick me up after my shift which he often did. I was very close with him...why was...well I'm about to come to that. That afternoon a bountyhunter was in the bar looking for his bounty. It wasn't my uncle but somehow he slipped in the line of fire and got hit by a blaster shot. The bounty hunter did not care but ran after his bounty (a yawa who had stolen from an apperently importent person). My uncle just lived long enough to tell me that the force would show me the way, then he died before my eyes.

After the death of my uncle I wandered the suroundings quite alot. One day I tripped over the entrance of a little cave. At the sound of me falling a Jawa came out of it. At first he appeared like any other Jawa, however once I had a closer look I noticed the saber on his belt. Also he obviously spoke Galactic Basic, something I had never heard a Jawa speak before. After a while it became clear that he was an exiled Jedi Master. He seemed to sence something in me for he offered to instruct me in the force. As I was very young and also very interested I accepted his offer. Therefore Master Starr became my first Jedi Mentor...

One year after my uncle's death my pearents had gathered enough money for the cheapest flight from tatooine to naboo. They believed it to be much safer there than on tatooine. I appologized over and over to master Starr but eventually I had to leave. Unfortionatly the transport we were on got boarded by pirates. My parents were stunned by the pirates right after they had pushed me into an escape pod that took me to naboo.

On naboo I first lived on the street for a while doing little jobs in bars like taking the coats to get a little money. However my sittuation was soon noticed by the empires scouts who recruited me as a trooper. I accepted because for the first time in months I would get propper shelter and food. But I was never happy, I never forgot the words of my uncle and Master Starr and what I really felt I should be doing. And then, not even a year afterwards I had a vision. I first thought I overheard some old recording of him playing somewhere but then he obviously started to address me direktly. Eventhough very surprised at first I listened patiently to his words. This is what he told me..."Young one, listen to my words. Never happy you will become as a trooper. By completing your training only you will find peace and happiness in your life." I thought.."But master...the empire will never let me leave to..." He completed my question..."a jedi to become? *an old weary chuckle* Tell them you must not. On your next mission a possibility there will be. That you must take and join the Jedi order (NOJ)." He slowly faded and the vision ended. Then I woke in my cabin on BYSS. The entire conversation with Yoda had been a dream, or was it a vision? However, my choice was made, I made my way for Yavin and my path to a jedi. At that point I was allready 14 going on 15. A very young trooper but very, very old "youngling".

My TrainingEdit

I am a Padawan under Sir Zoffa Morico. I consider him to be not only my very much respected mentor but also a very good friend. The reason for this really being that he was the one that I first opened a compleate insight into my not so happy childhood and also the rest of my past.

Apperently I made good progress for Sir Zoffa seemed very happy with my understanding of knowledge aswell as my skills. I even in time became better at duelling than many of my fellow Jedi.

After a few years my training was completed and I was promoted to the rank of a Jedi Knight while my Mentor, Zoffa, was soon afterwards being promoted to a Jedi Master. To achive this promotion I had to complete a mission, the first mission on my own. During this mission on which I went back to my home planet Tatooine I not only gathered the lost information I was looking for but also a transmission from my father. In this transmission he told me that I had a sister in the order. Though born by another mother we still had the same father. From there on I was eager to learn more and also to pass my knowledge on, not only to be abel to protect my sister Mara but to continue my path with the force. Soon I became awear that trying to rush others with knowledge and teachings of the force was not a good way to teach.

Jedi LifeEdit

When my training at NOJ was complete and I was made a Jedi Knight I took on a Padawan by the name of Oki-Ko. She reminded me partialy of me. However, she was far more eager to study from the beginning and not too interested in the light saber. But I was looking more upon the character anyway. She also had a very unique way of expressing herself as she was an Ossari. A dragon like race that walks upright and is indeed very inteligent and not, as their appearance would make one think at first, violent at all. She made great progress and became a great jedi knight and an even better friend.

After a few years of being a Jedi Knight in the NOJ I had the impression that the order changed in a way that I could no longer support. I chose to leave the order and walk my own ways. Soon I found my place at a Jedi academy, TKA. Today I am a Jedi Master and am currently instructing two padawans. This is not only due to the lack of other mentors but as it sometimes can be of an advantage to train two. They can help eachother and improve their skills with the saber without getting discouraged by loosing to an old jedi like me all the time *little smile*. They are both very eager but also a little jumpy...I will help them to controle themselves and become more patient.

As the TKA Jedi order had to move several times because of attacks, insuficcient space or simply impropper enviornment, we decided to merge with the Praxeum Jedi Order and rebuild the great Temple of Coruscant. Now, after a long time of reconstruction, this task is completed and we hope to finally have a steady and safe settlement.

I have taken on a Padawan by the name of Kohaku. She is a friend of my first padawan Oki-Ko. She, aswell as Oki calls me "Master balanced sum" frequently. It seems that history is to repeat itself. She is very inteligent and learns fast. I have great hopes for her to become as successfull through teh training as Oki has.

Darker timesEdit

Recent events at Praxeum have caused a vast change to my life. I have left the order to join the KOJ with my old Jedi friend Juvbutton Moonsoo. My Padawan Kohaku has already left Praxeum due to the unsteadyness she felt which I seemed to have tried to ignore. The change that caused me to leave had a rather long set of preevents. All these had to do with the events of one Council Master forcing out two others eventually. He was once my friend but he turned into an egotripping person that I more and more failed to recognize. Eventually he attempted to force me also to follow his instructions by telling me it was those of the council, which I of course knew, being a council master myself, he had never consulted. Also, to make sure I asked again and could only get a confirmation of my knowledge. Eventually, eventhough my name had been cleared, my choice was made. My previous friend was unable to controle himself and the order seemed to be too attached to him to let him go. Therefore I left to find my path once agian...

Today I live on Yavin and after a rather adventurour beginning and a now difficult situation with an unstable volcano have settled in. I still have to adjust to the orders strukture and have to find a padawan once more but it seems that fate has lead me back to where I have started and to very, very old friends.

"A new Hope"Edit

I have taken on a Padawan by the name of Robin Kira. He is a very promising young man in his 20's. I say in his 20's as he has a degree of amnesia, meaning he can not remember anything from about 10 years ago. He can not remember where he was born, who exactly his parents were, what he did before that time, etc. He has dreams and visions of death and suffering that are often triggered when a sith is near. Or rather a certain sith who apparently enters his mind. I will attempt to help him hide his aura to prevent further entries into his mind.

There has been a disturbing change in the situation on Coruscant lately. apparently the Emperor Darth Malphas is attempting to eradicate the Jedi for what he calls the lies of the Jedi. He insists that the Jedi condemn all emotions and try to controle the society. Difficult times lie ahead of the Jedi orders. Only unity in our belifes can help us survive.

Robin is making good progress in his training we have been on a few missions together. I am teaching him in the old ways and he is not only accepting it but eager to learn as much as he can and extend as much as he can on it. However, he accepts the limitations which I do set for him. He does not study knowledge which I tell him might be dangerous at the moment.

Robin has found a possibility to help Peter who has now for a while been on Yavin after a set of two sabers apperently triggering the spirit of Prazen in him and surpressing the rest of him were being kept away from him. He has found a way that includes meditative states and sadly some anger to let Peter's two split personalities merge into one complete person.

Robin's training has been completed and he has been Knighted. Unlike he thought for a while he however has not finaly chosen the path of the Sentinel, but that of a Guardian. He wishes to be a lead figure to all the following guardians. That the guardian role is not that of a saber swinging warrior but that of a sereen Jedi.

Robin is making good progress as a knight and I have come to take on a new Padawan by the name of Liam. he is very interested in learning and also willing to study the old ways. I wonder if he may become another traditional Knight.

Liam's training is proceeding very well. Eventhough he needs some little hints at times he generaly understands very quickly. He is patient and awear of the knowledge he gains. A true Jedi padawan...something that sadly is rear these days...

Liam has left me as my padawan. The sad thing is, he failed to tell me about his plans to switch to another master and so I could not assist him or talk about Liam's training to Miah at all...I am sorry to say that I can not consider Liam a padawan of mine anymore for he showed much potential. Perhaps the pressure to be as successfull as Robin was too much for him. Whatever it was...I simply hope he has found his path.

I have left KOJ, I simply see no reason to stay anymore. The other Council Members seem to take non of my imput seriously. It seems to become an anarchy more that a democracy.

After a long time of traveling and some time in exile I have picked up a transmission from an order called NJO. They share my goal to once agian unite the Jedi in one cause, even if not one order.

After some time spent in this new order I realised that the corruption of the galaxy leaves few places to go. Even those who try to isolate themselves from it and follow the old ways completely will eventually not be able to escape its influences. So I once again go into exile... I hope not forever.