The Zeta-12 is an airspeeder sold by TaggeCo and produced by Mobquet.


Zeta2 001

The Zeta-12 was an adequate airspeeder.

The Zeta-12 is surprisingly nimble given its low price tag, being a slower and safer version of a much more high-performance racing speeder. While not particularly rugged it is adequate in most respects.



The Tagge Company's Zeta-12 airspeeder was designed to be a cheaper, civilian version of a popular racing speeder, the Zeta-X, produced and sold with racing enthusiasts in mind.


While marketed especially to younger demographics, the Zeta-12 was also advertised to older, wealthier buyers. Unfortunately, a year after it began mass-production, a Zeta-X speeder crashed violently due to a freak malfunction during the Bonodan Classic, resulting in the tragic death of racing legend Kass Veleer. Though the malfunction was revealed to be due to sabotage from a racing rival, Zeta-12 series speeders began flooding the civllian market. Some months later, TaggeCo quietly ended production of the Zeta-12.

Operational DeploymentEdit

The Zeta-12 is obsolete but still widespread due to its often dirt-cheap current asking price.

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