Early Life/ChildhoodEdit

Zeva was born on Corellia in the City of Coronet to Jedi Knight Jys Tebut, and CorSec Detective James Antilles. Shortly after her birth however, her mother left to rejoin the New Order of the Jedi, leaving James to raise his daughter alone.

She had a happy childhood, though she spent much time with babysitters because of how often her father was called into work. Jys visited from time to time, every few months, always bringing new tales of adventure and gifts for her daughter.

Abandonment by her MotherEdit

However, around her fifth birthday, the visits stopped coming. Unknown to Zeva or her father, Jys had undergone a terrible transformation, her mind splitting into two personalities, a light and a dark. She was healed of this, but the dark personality, in one last spiteful move before being erased, had wiped out all of Jys' memories of James and Zeva. When Jys recovered, she had no memory of ever having had a family.

Zeva resented her mother abandoning her and her father for the rest of her childhood, and into her teens.


Throughout her school years following her mother's abandonment of her, she lashed out, becoming something of a rebel against the teachers, and a troublemaker. Around when she was 13 however, she started focusing more on her studies, never quite getting over her abandonment issues but pushing them to the back of her mind.

She had always looked up to her father, a defender of justice, and she began asking him questions about his work. James in return began instructing her in the skills he used on the job, teaching her how to use a blaster and beginning her instruction in the techniques of Teräs Käsi, as well as some investigative techniques. This continued through till she turned 17.

Death of her FatherEdit

However, the good times came to an end when her father was killed in the line of duty. CorSec had gotten a tip that there was a huge shipment of weapons, slave, and spice coming in to a warehouse known to be owned and operated by the Hutt cartels. James led the raid. It was a trap. The Hutts had tipped off CorSec through an intermediary, in an attempt to cripple the local CorSec forces and operate more freely in the area. James' entire tactical team was killed in the ambush.

Zeva was heartbroken. Her father had been her hero, the most important person in her life for her entire life, who raised her singlehandedly.

Leaving HomeEdit

In her father's holowill, he asked that she find her mother, and tell her what had happened to him. Zeva's old feelings of resentment rose up in her again, and she decided to track down her mother as her father asked, not only to tell her what had happened to James, but also to demand and explanation for her abandonment of them. Her father left a starting point for her to begin her search, a planet where he had last heard Jys was seen.

And so, Zeva set out for the planet of Uvena Prime...


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zeva is full of untapped as of yet potential, having inherited her Mother's strong connection to the Force.

She has had some Teräs Käsi combat training from her father James Antilles, who also taught her how to use a Blaster.


Z-95 Headhunter she inherited from her father when he passed away.

Among the possessions left her by her father when he died was the non-functioning hilt of one of her mother's old lightsabers (not the one she had when she died).

M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol. Prototype hypervelocity slug weapon based off of Verpine designs, and given to her father by her mother. Used by her father until his death in the line of duty, then passed down to Zeva.