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"Yo, Mr. Boss-Man how's it hangin'?"

— Zey Sinje's nickname for his boss

Zey-sinje was the son of a young slave. Zey was known for his laid back and care-free attitude. He was well know for his "Offer one hand, but arm the other." approach to situations. After travelling the galaxy in search of adventure he found himself on Tatooine, where he quickly settled in and began working for Czerka, a shipping company. He was taken by the Empire at birth raised as part of a new breed of Stormtrooper initiative. After years of training and experimentation, he realised what he had been given by the Empire, the skills necessary to make a dis-honest living.

Biography Edit

Pre-birth (before 119 ABY) Edit

"This will be interesting"

Gamorrean Slaver

Zey's mother, a young kiffar slave by the name of Rakita-Sinje was owned by Gammorean Slavers, who used her, tortured her and rented her out to any low life willing to pay.

One day, a particularly misfortune bout of rape lead to the conception of the Kiffar/Gammorean hybrid child, Zey.


 After Rakita hEquipmentedZ from the camp she boarded the next ship off planet. she was forced to give birth on mid space. Luckily the ship had a full medbay.

Equipment Edit

Zey is equipped with the weapons most Mercenaries use such as an assault rifle,Automatic blaster pistol and Several Thermal Detanators. He also carries a Lightsaber that once belonged to jedi master Pan, Pan was a good friend of Zey and pan left the lightsaber to Zey when he died. Zey isnt trained with a lightsaber so he mainly uses it for making new enterances when needed. He also has the gauntlets of a Mandalorian ,1 equipped with a flamethrower and the other a grappling hook.

Post Czerka Edit

After the Czerka branch that Zey had been working with broke up he moved to a small hover town called the Botany bay where he became a mechanic for the Monkey Wrench garage. Still missing the Group he went on a search for the other members but could only find one, Rika, After finding out what happened he went back to the Bay and began his mechanic life.

It was a calm and humid summer night on the 'Botany Bay' hoverport and Zey was still at work in the Monkey Wrench after hours. He was fixing an old 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike owned by the sheriff when he saw a woman in black armour standing on the other side of the garage. They got talking and it was revealed as a mercenary from Czerka. She wanted a chip that Zey had never delivered due to having to leave. The chip was useless to him but it had sentimental value to and was full of memories. When he refused, the mercenary started to threaten Zey and pulled her blaster out, quick thinking was not one of zey's attributes and was shot in the arm but he managed to jump behind a few crates and started taunting the woman saying that they should settle this with fists. The man agreed and so it started, the man happened to be much bigger than zey, so zey was quicker. They both landed a load of punches but zey was thrown against his workbench, the woman came closer, drew his blaster and aimed it at zey's head. Luckily next to zey was his trusty F-187 fusioncutter so he decided he might as well try, so he tried all the long last words speeches he could to by him time, during this he set the laser to 6cm wide and 20 long, quickly grabbed it, turned it on and dug the laser into the womans wrist which was holding the blaster, zey then did a leg sweep leaving the woman writhing in pain. Straight away zey tried all of the doors, they were locked, so he used the only thing hat he could use, which was the speeder, He fired up and fired the blasters and made a hole in the garage door, he drove as fast as he could to the other side of the port where his ship was which was used for delivering vehicles to the owners if they were not on the hoverport. Zey left the speeder there and started to take off, as he flew out past the monkey's wrench he could see mercenaries shooting at him, about a minute later, as he was flying away, he could see the Monkey wrench on fire. Zey spent the next few months looking for a place to stay but the only place he could go was on tatooine, so taking a risk, he went. He stayed with his 'Uncle'. His uncle was not his birth uncle but had contacts in the Hutt clans and got Zey a job working as an enforcer for the Basedii Hutt clan

After that Zey drops from the books, with no avaliable info on him or his location and is thought to have been killed or died of other reasons unknown.

Post-Disappearance Edit

After years of training in a remote location, A man fitting the description of Zey began being seen with members of a local gun manufacturers security unit. Never giving out a name to those he did not trust, he goes by the Codename Kieri when on an assignment that needed confidentiality ensured

Trivia Edit

•Due to being Half Kiffar and Half Gammorean, Zey was an excellent hunter and had hightened sences.

•The Gammorean in Zey gave him an amazing amount of strength, He showed this off one night while he was camping out with 2 of his squad mates when they got separated from the rest during his time in the corp. The 3 were attacked by a Wraid in the night, which went for one of his squad, the blasters were doing almost no damage and the squad mate didn't have long so Zey started taunting it, trying to gain its attention, luckily it did but the Wraid started to charge him, in a moment of fright zey braced his arms and expected the worst, after a few seconds he opened his eyes to reveal himself holding the Wraid's leg infront of his face, With this new found strength, Zey ripped the leg off and beat the Wraid to death.

•Zey and Rika had a romance interest until the point wwhere Zey went MIA.

•Zey had a rivalry with the Czerka Squads droid and would try to best it whenever he could.

•Although never confirmed, Zey is said to have never actually lost his eye, but he only has one shown so that he is used to looking with one eye and aiming would be the same as looking normally.

•Zey apparently had a pet Massiff called Aaray ("Pain" in Mando'a)

•Zey had a very minor case of Tourettes syndrome, causing him to have a slight muscle spasm in his left arm but this was fixed when the arm was removed.

•He had a fear of Droids as a child which led to him disliking them as an adult.

•Zey began using the name 'Kieri' when on missions.