Group also known as "Sovereign Raptors of Zsinj" in Secondlife.

Company DescriptionEdit

After Warlord Zsinj's death 248 years prior, very few of the Raptor companies were left alone by the New Republic's military campaigns to secure what was left of Zsinj's holdings. Zsinj's Fury was one of the lucky companies, having been sent on an unknown operation that held them out of the sight of the Republic.

Currently they are lead by an unknown Grand Moff, though there has not been an official successor to Zsinj since the man's death.

The current form of the Zsinj's Fury Battalion is known as the Imperial Trooper Remnants (no affiliation with the Imperial Remnant) with the worlds of Bakura and Tatooine being their main staging areas with a current physical ITR garrison in Anchorhead. It is unknown whether the ITR has garrisons on other planets in the system or only Agents.

ITR became known as Sovereign Raptors of Zsinj upon the death of The Republic.

Equipment and AttributesEdit

  • On average, Raptors were more intelligent than stormtroopers, with a broader range of combat skills. Each Raptor had training in demolitions and martial arts which stormtroopers generally lacked.Their loyalty was virtually unshakable, and they were immune to bribery or negotiation.


Raptor armor was very similar to stormtrooper armor but was slightly lighter, providing almost the same level of personal protection with less reduction in mobility.

Like stormtrooper armor, Raptor armor gave every Raptor an intimidating sort of anonymity. In contrast to the stormtroopers, however, Raptors were dressed in solid black outfits, with red faceplates, gloves, and boots, and yellow trim

Personal equipmentEdit

Raptor equipment was similar to stormtrooper gear. They carried a comlink set to Raptor encoding, and were armed with both a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol. Raptors also carried a vibroblade as standard equipment.


For ground operations, Raptors used standard military speeder bikes painted with Raptor colors. And a specialized version of the Imperial AT-ST Walker.

Landing operations were carried out with Incom Y-4 "Raptor" transports. These shuttles were originally developed for the Empire, but never saw widespread use. Zsinj acquired large numbers of them, and their association with the Raptors caused them to share the Raptor name.

For space combat, Raptor forces used the TIE Raptor, a unique TIE series derivative built by Zsinj's own engineers at Rancor BaseTIE pilots in the Raptor forces had similar uniforms to Raptor commandos.

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